My Virtual Beach Run

Well, it’s finally happened…..

I had to take a vacation day to get in a run. Last week I had to take off early to get in a 9 mile run.

I also have not been feeling well so needed to sleep in a bit but the main reason I took off was to run. It feels like I’m getting a cold and I had a bit of fever last night but not fully kicking in? I do not know what’s going on with that.

Next Wednesday is 10 miles so I see the same thing happening.

It is extremely hard for me to run during the week after working 11 hour days and a 40 minute drive home. I usually get up at 4:45am and don’t get home until after 5. So by the time I feed the dogs and get ready, it’s 6pm. So that means that by the time I finished my run…it would be dark and I do not like doing that. Mainly because I worry about my footing in the dark and afraid I’d turn my ankle or worse. I have one of those headlight things but they are bothersome.

I read that marathon training’s purpose is to break your body down and I can certainly feel that in the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles and it was a beautiful fall-like day for my run. I ran part of it on the MKT trail that took me downtown and then I ran through the District. I ran through Mizzou campus and downtown and home which gave me 5. But as beautiful as the day was, my run felt bad. My time was good but I felt worn out.

Today was 9 miles, tomorrow is 5 again. 14 miles on Saturday which will seem like a breeze after 18 this past Saturday! Next week will be the hardest with finishing it off with the 20 mile run.

So this morning, I walked the dogs and got ready to hit the road for 9.17 miles. It was drizzling rain and got pretty heavy in the last couple of miles. I ran downtown, through Mizzou campus…up and down many inclines and ran for about a mile on the MKT trail. It was hard and mainly because I don’t feel well and it was in the rain. I was still tired from 5 miles last night……my body is just tired. I did enjoy the run the morning and I love running through the campus and seeing all those young people of all walks of life hurrying to class. Downtown was very busy so that distracted me a bit and I enjoyed that part.

Now I’m even dreaming about running. Last night, I dreamed I was running barefoot on a beach in Santa Cruz. I really missed not having a vacation this year in Santa Cruz. I love the feel of the cold, wet sand on my feet. I try to run as close to the ocean as possible with waves crashing my feet often. In the distance, you can hear the fog horns and sea lions. I love the smell of the ocean. I would take deep breaths so I could inhale it as though to save it for later. I loved the way my heart would race trying to beat a big wave coming in around the bluffs as though trying to block me from running through and often it did. I love seeing the other runners out for their morning run. I love seeing people sitting on the beach with their cup of coffee just enjoying the view. I love running while looking for cool things on the beach like an intact sand dollar or a crab trying to make its way back into the ocean. I stop many times just to help a little fellow back into the water. I love finding the most incredible starfish and shells. I love spotting dolphins and sea lions frolicking in the ocean near the shore. Only once have I seen a whale and it was exhilarating. I love watching the seagulls crowding the beaches to find left overs from the night before beach party.


I am pretty much couch bound today and happy for that. I’ll probably do some laundry but for the most part, I’ll be hanging out with my sweet puppies. I miss them too. So much running takes away my time with them.

I’ll be puppy cuddling for the rest of the day.

Beach Rules: Soak up the sun. Ride the waves. Breath the salty air. Feel the breeze. Build sandcastles. Rest, relax, reflect. Collect seashells. Run in the sand. Barefeet required” ~ author unknown (but could have been me) πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “My Virtual Beach Run

  1. I love your description of the beach. I used to live about 1000 feet from the shore. The smell of the ocean is something that you never forget. The breeze, the waves, the sounds. It’s a world unto itself!

    1. Our dream is to be able to move to Santa Cruz in the next 5-10 years. That’s where my husband is from. I have never lived near the beach but it’s always heaven when I visit. πŸ™‚

  2. You’re doing an amazing job training for your marathon!! Good job!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Ohhh, I LOVE the beach!! I didn’t have my usual Topsail Island beach vacation this year, either and I really did miss it!!! The smell of the ocean…boy, when I smell that, I feel like I’m home!! XOXO!!!

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