My Right Foot

I’m trying very hard to get my groove back from that disastrous 14 mile run in St. Louis this past Saturday.

I am having some trouble doing that. A part of me thinks I have come down with something that is keeping me a bit sick and way low on energy…..but maybe its mental or maybe at my age….this type of training is not good for an old lady. HA!

I still want to complete that marathon so what do I do to get back on track?

Today is another rest day for me which I do cherish. I’m at work now and I have almost no energy to do anything.

I’m near tears. I’m emotional. I’m strongly doubting my ability to complete a marathon.

My more serious problem that I need to be concerned about is my toe injury. I had this same toe injury happen a month or so back which I should have addressed at that time. I thought I had with better and thicker running socks but that toe issue came back on Saturday at 7ish miles in.

It’s my right foot always and I know it’s mainly due to a slight “hammer toe” that I have on my middle toe. Brooks has a bigger toe box which many will say helps a hammer toe runner but it also allows for that toe to curl downward striking the bottom of the shoe. After so many miles, the skin at the top of the toe comes off and it’s excruciating to run on it. My old asics does not allow enough room for that toe to move and curl downward.

As you can see from the above picture, constant hitting on the ground may cause an issue and it has! Below is my injury from this past Saturday. I think that pain set off a chain of events that took its toll on me during that run.

Yes, it's gross!
Yes, it’s gross!

I bought gel toe caps but they slide off while running (another bad running day to talk about), I have other toe thingies but cause pain after so many miles in running shoes.

I should have had surgery on it long ago but it requires a pin in my foot for months so I never saw a need for it. It does not bother me on a day-to-day basis. It has also never bothered me running until now.

I’m know I’m running more mileage and that makes it worse but it’s never been a problem until I changed from Asics Nimbus to Brooks Glycerin. Now I will say, the Brooks feel wonderful on my left foot. It’s lighter than the asics and better for my style of running. But it’s hell on my right foot after 6 or so miles.

Someone suggested “injinji” toe socks and to put glide or vasoline on the toe. I will be trying those ideas also. Any other suggestions are welcomed! 🙂

Asics Nimbus 14 (love)
Asics Nimbus 14 (love)
Brooks GLycerin 12 (Hate/Love)
Brooks GLycerin 12 (Hate/Love)

The problem is that my Asics have become a bit small or shall I say my foot has gotten bigger. I need half size larger in the asics. And since the new Asics are Nimbus 16 so I don’t even know how that will feel.

I don’t have enough time to order old ones and have them come in for me to try out before the marathon.

So….maybe it’s a rookie mistake? 🙂

Anyway, I have read the comparisons and reviews of Nimbus 14, 15 and 16 and should be able to go into that shoe comfortably.

It’s just money, right? It would have been cheaper to take up golfing than running…..

~Happy 14th anniversary to my best friend and husband, Kevin~

“Marathoning. The triumph of desire over reason.” -New Balance


5 thoughts on “My Right Foot

    1. I am having so many issues! haha It does make me wonder if I should have started this training or maybe should quit. I have seen a doctor (podiatrist) in regard to my toe but he says it’s not that bad and that surgery will actually put me out for a long while unnecessarily. I think the other issues are psychosomatic?? lol In one month, it will be over one way or the other! 😉

  1. Ouch!!! Man, we are both having shoe problems. Shoe problems are so frustrating!! I think if I wore no shoes, I’d have less problems. 😉 Poor right foot!! Ouchy!!
    Also, the injinji socks are great!! I have to say, before I discovered that I needed a half size bigger in my shoe, I bought some toe socks, put them on (hoping to relieve my toenail pain) and they really did help with it. They felt strange at first because I’m weird about stuff between my toes but were actually really comfortable once running.
    I wish you the best!!! You’re amazing!! Keep your chin up!! XOXO!!

    1. I have read from other women runners that the boobs get smaller and the feet get bigger! haha I will probably get a pair of the injinji socks to try on my runs this week. Saturday is the 20 miler and I need to have a good run at least for my confidence…which is in the dumps right now! lol

      1. Hehehehe!!! Love it!!! 😉 😉 You’re awesome!!

        Wow, Charlotte, I feel the same way!! My confidence felt great a week ago, but now not so much. My runs were off last week, so I just don’t feel as confident about my half anymore. It’s really messing with my head. We can do it, though!! We ARE going to have great runs!! We will get our confidence back together!! XOXO!!

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