A Snake vs. a Runner

My nerves are on edge. I can’t sleep. I am even having trouble eating. My stomach is upset.

There is a live snake loose in my basement!


This last week before the marathon, I am supposed to: have small and enjoyable runs, eat well, sleep lots, hydrate, rest up, relax like a queen this week…but Kevin found a snake in our basement.

Our basement is finished and a part of our living quarters. My big bathroom is in the basement. My weights, kettlebells, bosu ball, jump rope, boxing bag and treadmill are in my basement.

We are stunned and not sure how he got in. It’s been raining constantly for 6 days now so maybe he came through a drain trying to warm up….but however that fucker got in there…he’s there.

And to make matters worse, Kevin had him captured and he got away. According to Kevin, he was in a hurry to get to work and he didn’t want to kill it so he put a plastic container over him and put a kettlebell of top of the container to contain him.

Now, I was raised on a farm and I’ve been around snakes. You cannot contain a snake for long. They are much like mice and can get in and out of the smallest of areas. Anyway, when Kevin went home for lunch yesterday, the snake was gone! I will never understand him leaving our house with a live snake in a container….but I’m not Kevin. Remember once I told you how different he and I are? Yeah…well.

If there’s anything worse than finding a snake in your home, it might be “not” finding a snake in your home that you know is still in your home!

Last night, I needed to run 3 miles and because of the rain, I was going to run on the treadmill. But…..a snake is in the basement where my treadmill is. I waited until Kevin got home and he went looking for the snake while I ran on the treadmill and took a shower.

I’m not terribly afraid of snakes. I run across them often while I run. Still, we are not sure if he is venomous. Most people we showed the picture to say he is not.

I’m hanging on to that thought!

We went through parts of the basement and looked for him by shaking, kicking and screaming obscenities at him or her. God forbid she is a pregnant female.

We sprinkled cornstarch all around the perimeter of the main basement and my bathroom. That way we could tell if he came back into that area. We set glue traps in the storage unit where my washer, dryers, boxing bag and a refrigerator along with boxes of junk. We believe that he/she is in there. I know glue traps are cruel but we need to catch this snake or I’m moving out!

I couldn’t even sleep last night worrying about him coming upstairs to our main floor….where we eat, sleep and play! Peyton and Eli aren’t much help because they are afraid of everything except humans. 🙂

Anyway….we will monitor the cornstarch for movement and hope the snake crawls across the glue trap. Maybe we can then help set him free outside……or cut him in half with a garden hoe….like we did on the farm! Ok, we don’t want to do that. My mother is watching down on me from above and would not like that. 🙂

My nerves are growing for the upcoming marathon. I just want this over. When it’s over and I have completed, I feel confident that I will miss all of what I have been through getting there…..and it may start over again. 🙂

4 miles, tonight….2 miles tomorrow night…..26.2 on Sunday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

“The person who starts the marathon is not the same person who finishes” ~unknown 

“The marathon. How an average runner becomes more than average.” ~-New Balance



23 thoughts on “A Snake vs. a Runner

  1. If you’re husband ever watched Escape from New York, then he should know that you can’t keep snake down for too long. Snake Plissken, that is. Or is that a reptile of which we speak? 🙂 I’m starting to get edgy about your marathon, Charlotte! You got this! Chill a bit tonight and enjoy the Cards victory of the Giant to tie this series. Then back to work tomorrow!


    1. His logic is not like mine for sure! haha I’m doing better than I thought on my taper. Today I’ve been a ball of nerves. I’ll run 4 tonight and feel better. 🙂 Thanks

  2. Oh Charlotte, I’d move out, too!! Eeek!! Marc (my husband) does not understand my snake fear!! I’m grossly afraid of snakes. I don’t know why, but I am. Recently on a run, he told me there was a snake up ahead and I literally long jumped over it while screaming! Haha!! Ohhhh I can’t even imagine how scary that is!! Eeek!! Marc used to have a boa constrictor (before we met) and he used to sleep with it!!! Eeeeek!!!!

    1. haha When I see snakes on the trail while running…I do run faster! I cannot imagine having a snake or reptile for a pet but I people who do. Sleeping with a boa?? Can’t they choke you? I guess my hope if that it went out of the hole it came in…but my fear is that one day while I down there doing laundry, he will be in my laundry basket! haha 🙂

  3. Don’t kill the snake if you can help it! You don’t want bad karma before your big race! I hope you can find it and let it free peacefully without you (or the snake) pooping itself! 😀

    1. I don’t think we’d kill it. I can’t even kill a cricket or ant! 🙂 I just want that little intruder to go outside! haha I think we may never find him. My hope is that he went back to his family…unless his family is in my basement too! haha 🙂

  4. Yikes! It’s IN the house! I’m ok with snakes on a trail…I just hurdle over them but not sure how I’d feel about one being inside! Hope your husband finds it and gets it out! Aside from the snake I hope you enjoy your taper and relaxing like a queen! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂

    1. My taper week has gone well. I’m managing to stay calm, do short training runs, hydrate and have actually eaten pretty well! We are still on the hunt for the snake! lol Thanks

  5. Yeah… I’m with you on this one… Not knowing where that snake is at would be driving me bat crap. I hope you find him. But not in like a pile of laundry or something because yuck.

  6. Oh my god!!!! I soooooo feel your panic!!!! Coming from Cape Town, SA… Snakes are a given and they scare the HELL out if me!!! Now living in the UK, knowing there us NOT a snake lurking in the garden is the most ‘free’ I have felt in years!!!! Hope you find him!!! Xxx

    1. HA! He is still around. We found signs last night! Thank you. I’ve been a bundle of nerves all week and the snake was the least of my stresses! Hopefully by mid day on Sunday, I’ll be a marathoner. 🙂 Thanks

  7. That’s a man for you. I would be staying somewhere else until it was found and I’d want proof. I thought the marathon was tomorrow but from what you say I guess it’s Sunday. I’ll be thinking about you and waiting to hear how it went. Best of luck.

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