Let’s Rock ‘n Roll….

And so it’s here…almost.

I ate well, hydrated, rested, visited my kiddies, played with dogs, spent a fortune at the Runner’s Expo.

My gear is all laid out.

I’ve done my toe care, used my foam roller and add-a-day roller on my quads, calves and hamstrings. I even shaved my legs but I’m wearing calf compressions so who is going to see? haha I’ve recharged my ipod and made my playlist.

My stomach is a ball of nerves. I’d had bouts of giddiness and crying. I’ve gone from relaxed and zen to bouncing off the walls and imagining every part of my body is hurting.

I want to rest well tonight but I know that’s not going to happen. I’ll get up at 4:30ish, eat my oatmeal and half bagel and of course my strong coffee.

We are meeting up with a Facebook run group for pictures at the Opera House near the start of the race.

Kevin is injured but I think he is still going to attempt the half. I suspect we won’t stay together like we have in the past. At the 10 mile marker, our routes will do different directions.

We pass by Daniel’s house and he says he’s going to be outside and giving water. 🙂

I bought these today and wish I had bought them months ago. The cute, young rep used it on me and rolled out my right calf and it made a world of difference.

Things going through my mind: I should have trained harder, I should have taken some more weight off, I shouldn’t have signed up for this fucking thing, what if I don’t finish and disappoint so many people who seem proud of me…especially Daniel, wish I hadn’t told anyone….so many things.

This time tomorrow, one way or the other…it will be over.

“80 percent of success is just showing up.”  — Woody Allen



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