Crazy Week…..

After I finished my first marathon, my family ask me if I would run another. I immediately said “hell no” as I hobbled around.

The next day…I thought “maybe”

The second day after, I’m already planning and researching “which one”

Crazy huh?

I started running again 5 days after my marathon and I have run everyday since. But now, I’m running for pleasure and fitness and I have been reintroduced to why I love running.

I have enjoyed all my runs very much this week. 🙂

On My Run Route Yesterday in STL
On My Run Route Yesterday in STL

My work schedule has been a bit hard on me. I’m in St. Louis for a Kaizen event and the event has been starting at 6pm until 2:30am. I can barely hold my eyes open after midnight so there’s that and then driving back to my apartment at 2:30 in the morning is another issue. But I am enjoying working with this group of people so the night goes fast.


They are feeding us bad/good food and I’m picking up a few pounds and not feeling too good about that….fried chicken,pizza, sub sandwiches, bbq……

Yesterday, I was feeling some muscle aches so I took the day off running and went walking through Forest Park and visited the Art Museum.

St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park
St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park

The colors are so beautiful that it’s like eye candy and I couldn’t snap enough pictures. I ended up walking 2 hours so I burned some calories that way and enjoyed my day.

Beauty at Daniel's Secret Island
Beauty at Daniel’s Secret Island

I’m also taking advantage of trying some restaurants that I haven’t tried in Central West End….company dime, of course! 🙂

I feel very fat this week. I have to make sure I stay very disciplined after this week is over. I’ll also be starting the 21 day “no junk food” again once I get home and on schedule.

Bibimbap — at BBC CAFE & BAR.
Bibimbap — at BBC CAFE & BAR.
Cajun Spiced Trout - Blackened Ruby Red Trout with Pea and Corn Risotto with chili lime glaze for lunch. (at Gamlin Whiskey House)
Cajun Spiced Trout – Blackened Ruby Red Trout with Pea and Corn Risotto with chili lime glaze for lunch. (at Gamlin Whiskey House)

On Tuesday, I went downtown to visit the Oscar Tavares memorial that is near the Stan Musial statue at Busch Stadium. It’s very sad and he was such a promising, young baseball player. A 22-year-old and his 18-year-old girlfriend were killed in a car crash in his home country of Dominican Republic.

St. Louis Saying "RIP"
St. Louis Saying “RIP”

My work day starts at 3 pm today which I wasn’t crazy about. That means no real-time today to do anything. I had planned a lunch with my son but he hasn’t called yet which is not unusual. It’s usually me who has to make the efforts to do things with him and I just don’t think I’ll be doing that today. Most of the time, I only hear from him when he needs something….so today, he’ll have to call me.

It’s cloudy and cold today and I’m tired so no running again today. I’ll try to get some miles in the morning. A short day tomorrow and maybe Halloween with the kiddies.

I haven’t had time to even read up on my favorite wordpress blogs so hopefully I get to catch up soon!

Also, Missouri is proud of the Kansas City Royals….great year and a good series.

” A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” ~Erma Bombeck


One thought on “Crazy Week…..

  1. I sometimes get bogged down when all the running I do is for “training”. I love when I can just get out there and enjoy myself. Most times I go father then what I had set out! As a side note I love your pictures!!!! I could run forever with that kind of scenery!

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