The Cardinals and 12 Sweet Ones

Don’t you just love it when all your best laid plans fall apart and you have to be “clutch” and change courses? I love the word “clutch.”

First, I thought Daniel’s “Grand-Friends” day was this Friday and found out at the last-minute it is next Friday, Oct 10.

Then, I found out that my new iPhone 6 was supposed to arrive on Thursday….Kevin’s did, mine did not. So they told me it would be in Friday….I delayed my plans coming to St. Louis so I could pick it up. It did not come in.

They said….oh, it will definitely be in early Saturday morning. So I decided to stay in Columbia and get up early Saturday morning and do my long run “12 miles” and shower, pick up my cell phone and head to St. Louis.

I get to Best Buy…and guess what? No phone. So due to being in St. Louis until next Sunday…I don’t know when I will get that phone.

I have training for work “Kaizen Leader” training in St. Louis for this coming week so I packed a lot of clothes to spend the week.

Kevin and my puppies stayed in Columbia. I won’t get to see my boys for a week. 😦

They will be in St. Louis Thursday night and Grand-Friends day with Daniel on Friday.

Ok, about my 12 mile run this morning…

I made a 12 mile route in Columbia that I felt would give me the biggest challenge… hills, turns, inclines, declines etc. (no trails) It was a very tough route and I have to say this may have been my best run.

The temps were not even 50 when I started but it was sunny and beautiful. I love running in cool weather. For the first time on a long run, I maintained a faster than normal pace. The hills were killers but I enjoyed this run.

Afterward, I was not even tired, hungry or a bit sore.

What I have noticed in my last 3 or 4 long runs is that I have not been sore afterward or very little. I can definitely feel my fitness level coming up but is it too late?

Right now, I’m reclining on the sofa in my St. Louis apartment, missing my boys watching football.

It’s cool outside but beautiful. And I do not have any part of my body sore.

I’m very happy about that. And yet….I’m still very worried about running 26.2 miles in a few weeks.

I’ll do my normal weekly miles here in St. Louis once I get out of the training each night. The miles are dropping off so I shouldn’t have any problem getting them in before it gets dark. I love running in the area that I live so it should be pleasurable.

The kids are coming over and we are going out to dinner. I get to see my sweet little kiddies. Daniel is spending the night.

And St. Louis Cardinals meet up with the LA Dodgers for the 2nd game in the playoff. The Cardinals took the first game and the Kansas City Royals won their 2nd!


Go Missouri teams!  I’m looking forward to hockey season soon.

Tomorrow is supposed to be high 70 and sunny tomorrow. I think Daniel and I will go exploring in Forest Park and go to his favorite breakfast place.

I have every intention of enjoying this week.

“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.” ~ George Will 


How Long is This Marathon?

I get this question often and had it again this morning…..

Even when you explain it to non-runners…they seem to not grasp it.

My brother-in-law (Orrin) ran a 6k (his first official run) with us last year and told everyone that he ran a marathon. I explained a few times and I think he gets it now. I think he plans on trying to run the “RNR Marathon” in Las Vegas in November and keeps trying to get me to do it. I can’t…I’m sure he won’t but I am happy he is a runner.

Just a note about him.

In 2010, he was at death’s door with a heart condition. Even after they put in his pacemaker , the family was called in to be with him. They told the family IF he lived through the night, he would not live for more than another 5 years and most likely less.

He is now 47 years old. He changed his diet…now runs 5 or 6 miles a day. He works out.

Last year, his doctor told him he was a miracle and they he could technically have the pacemaker removed but they didn’t recommend that. Who wouldn’t want to have a backup, huh? 🙂 Soon after that, he came to visit us for a few weeks in St. Louis, last year.

He ran his first official race (a 6k) last year in St. Louis with Kevin and me. He struggled through it a bit and we helped encourage him. He had never run on anything but a treadmill.

I finished the race first and took his picture at the end. I noticed that he still has that as his Facebook profile.

After it was over….he left us for some alone time and I saw him with tears in his eyes. He was very emotional…so was I. That is another memorable run that I have had in my life.

Orrin #185
Orrin #185 – 46 minutes and 53 seconds not bad for 4 miles. 🙂

16 days and 17 hours…..and butterflies are having a party in my stomach…but it feels more like snakes in my belly.

I am near the end of week 16 of my 18 week marathon training. My miles have dropped considerably. I ran 5 Tuesday, 8 last night and 4 are on tap for tonight.

I haven’t run less than 5 miles in many weeks!

It’s a double-edged sword. I am relieved and happy for the mileage drop but with each drop….I get more and more fearful that I am not ready. It just seems unnatural to be planning to run 26.2 miles but in the weeks leading up to it, dropping off the cliff!

I still want to eat like a horse but my house is spotless!

Yesterday I started pulling back on the reins of my eating. I don’t know how to maintain it right now. I didn’t eat enough calories yesterday but I ate the right balance 55-20-25.

I ate good foods like legumes, turkey, oatmeal, peanut butter, whole wheat pasta… junk!

I consume water by the gallons! My pee is almost clear! HA!

But I’m scared, nervous, fidgety, edgy, short-fused, giggly, OCD, ADD….you name it!

My run on Saturday is set for 12 miles. My plan is to run the 13.1 front half of the marathon route in St. Louis. The same route that caused me problems back a few weeks ago. That bad experience is still in my head and I need to at least calm it down.

The temps are cooler with a high of 58 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Which will definitely make it a bit easier. The forecast for Oct 19 is a high of 64 degrees but chances of rain.

I know I like running in the rain but not 26.1 miles…so please, no! 🙂

Weather is subject to change of course.

I’ll TRY!

I’m ready??????

“The marathon is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism. Every runner can’t dream of being an Olympic champion, but he can dream of finishing a marathon.” ~Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder