Stop Getting Dogs, Dammit!

It is no secret for anyone who knows me but I love dogs. I mean I “LOVE” dogs. I love my 2 like they are my children and that is no exaggeration.

Peyton (R) and Eli (L)
Peyton (L) and Eli (R)

The best part of my day is opening my door after I get off of work to be greeted by dogs who seem to think I am special.  Opening that door is like Christmas everyday to me.

When I came home this past Saturday after being away from my dogs (and husband) for 9 days, those dogs gave me 20+ minutes of the best loving that I have had in a long time. Dog kisses, jumping up leaving the ground to get in my face, finding presents to give me, excitement in their eyes….it was a reunion like I’ve never had with a human. They must have thought I was gone forever. I still smile thinking about that day. Kevin and I were laughing at them. I wish he had recorded it! 🙂

This is my bed every night
This is my bed every night

I think dogs are superior creatures. I do. I don’t care who thinks I’m weird for loving those dogs the way I do. They are idiots!

I kiss dogs more than I kiss humans…yes, this is true! Ask my husband! 🙂

I want to rant this morning about people who get dogs who have no fucking business doing that!

I will admit with much shame and regret that I have not always practiced what I preached. I have had dogs that I didn’t pay attention or love and even sadly neglected. That was many years ago but that still haunts me to this day.

My mother loved dogs and used to believe that I was one of those above people “who have no fucking business getting a dog” kind of person. She was right……then.

When I see dogs on chains or penned up outside, I do not understand that. I get angry. Why do people get pets that they don’t care about?

I see people constantly getting their little kids dogs. Oh, she/he loves puppies…etc bullshit!

And then a few months later…they have another puppy for that kid. Never hearing about that other puppy (dog) that their kids loved! What happened to that dog? Dead? Run away? Did it growl or snap and a kid who was pulling its tail? ????? Dogs are not toys, goddammit!

They need love, food, water, medical care, walking, attention, discipline…..shit!

I am angry typing this. I see the horror that many dogs go through. I have worked with and follow a place in St. Louis called “Stray Rescue.”  That is a wonderful place that has saved many dogs. Dogs in dumpsters, dogs with paw pads cute off, shot, starving, mange,…God, I get mad just typing that. Dogs boarded into abandoned buildings left to starve and die. Why do people mutilate dogs? Why???? What the fuck is wrong with these humans???

St. Louis is loaded with criminals who fight pit bulls. I won’t even get on that subject…right now.

But because of Randy Grim of Stray Rescue, dog abusers in St. Louis actually do get prosecuted! One woman set a dog on fire because it was barking and bragged about it on Facebook. She’s in jail now…bitch!

I’m angry, can you tell?

That’s all!

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” ~ Will Rogers 


5 thoughts on “Stop Getting Dogs, Dammit!

  1. Dogs are just like any other member of the family. You should see my boys and our dog after dinner. They’re on the couch, all four of them intertwined with the dogs and (i know this is wrong) sharing snacks. The dog loves it. Eventually, he falls asleep and I carry him to his crate for the night. lol

    1. My dogs get candy corn! Peyton’s eyes glow when Halloween gets here! I know but I think dogs should get some human goody snacks! I keep animal cookies all the time and the last thing I do before I leave for work is give them an animal cracker! 🙂

  2. I agree whole-heartedly! It makes me angry too how some dogs are treated. I lost my dog to cancer at the beginning of September. It was sudden, within a few days. I was in shock! I miss my buddy.

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