From Marathon to Couch

I am in a funk of sorts and not sure when it might end. I think it’s the time change.

At first after the marathon, I wanted to get right back on the road. After 5 days of rest, I started running again. I looked forward to it and enjoyed running for fitness and pleasure again…..but

Now, I go to work in the dark and when I get home it’s dark so I am finding it hard to find time to run. I am not afraid of running in the dark but I worry about tripping etc.

I did bring my running bag to work and ran on Tuesday during my lunch but I don’t think that’s going to work. First, I’m sweaty and no place for a Β shower and second, there is no good place here to run. The run I ran Tuesday at lunch break has so many hills that it was gruelling and not what I wanted.

I could run on my treadmill or go to the gym but I just don’t want to.

And…my desire to eat everything in the house has not gone away. It’s not quite as bad as during training but still bad.

No exercise + eating like a small horse = fat Charlotte

I hope I adjust to the time change and learn how to get back on track.

The truth is, I miss marathon training. I guess not having a rigid schedule (to me) is like not having to exercise. I miss having a goal. I might even be a little depressed about not training…yes, I’m nuts!

I think I will put together a schedule to try to run to. Not marathon type training but a schedule and that might help keep me accountable.

I will be running another marathon. I think about it all time. I need to lose about 15 more lbs for my next one. I realized that during this one. I am close to my goal weight but I need to go lower to do a better job on my next 26.2 miles.

I did spend $80 dollars for my marathon photos. They were not very flattering but it was my first one and I had to have the pictures.

As I Crossed the Finish Line - RnR Marathon STL Oct 19, 2014
As I Crossed the Finish Line – RnR Marathon STL Oct 19, 2014

This picture is not flattering…I guess no race pics are but this one shows that I crossed that line upright, strong, injury free and with a smile on my face….and I had stated that those were my goals. I did it. πŸ™‚

I have plans to do a long run on Saturday. I’d at least like to keep that as part of my habit.

I’ll get it together. I still love running. I still think about it all the time but this week has been lazy!

β€œWe are different, in essence, from other men. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.” – Emil Zatopek


14 thoughts on “From Marathon to Couch

  1. I think your pic is cute!! I get in running funks too. Its usually when I don’t have a goal or race to train for. Congrats on finishing your first marathon! I’m sure you’ll get your running groove back soon!

  2. You look great in your marathon photo! I do better when training for a race…I like having a training plan/schedule/routine. This time of year is especially a challenge! I’m trying to plan out my activity once I get the go ahead from the doctor…not looking forward to not running for the next couple of months. I eat like a small horse regardless of whether I’m running/working out or not! Haha I’m sure we’ll both figure something out and make it through this winter fit and strong! πŸ˜‰

  3. You will get your motivation back soon. I promise! Did you consider signing up for some fun little local races in the meanwhile? Sometimes just getting out on a Saturday morning for a 5k with a big group of people is enough to get the running bug back for me at least.
    Also, your race picture is about a million times more flattering than any of me. You look great!

  4. i LOVE your marathon pic… be PROUD of it!!!! Gosh i am struggling with this time of year too. this time last year i was walking, i hadnt contemplated running yet πŸ™‚ and you know, to go out for those walks didnt take much motivaiton. Now, running (started in July) i too worry about it… it worry about stumbling, cars and i dont like the dark much, i dont see very well in it… and oh gosh yesh, i so ‘get’ this.
    πŸ™‚ I may start a C210km to get me motivated.
    have a fab weekend x

  5. Wow, Charlotte, I think we wrote the exact same post yesterday! LOL I don’t run in the dark, either, but for me it’s just being scared of the dark, so now I’m in treadmill season. Yay. Not. So I’m watching Netflix while running on the treadmill to break the boredom. Watching a good show really helps! (aka The Blacklist) I’ve decided to do a longer run on Sunday as well. Missing training sounds crazy, but how loud does that speak about how far we’ve come?
    If you’re looking at marathons, my virtual running partner and I are talking about meeting up and doing our first marathon at The Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati on May 3rd!
    And you look AWESOME in your picture! Show that pic with pride!!

  6. Great pic! I’m struggling with the darkness and cold too. My knee is feeling much better the last few days, but that treadmill is not calling my name at all. I keep making running schedules and breaking them. And eating as though I’m running a lot more than I am.

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