Charlotte Get’s Her Groove Back

It’s too early to tell but I may be getting back into my running groove!

The early darkness does mess up much of my weekly running but I have managed to get my runs in.

I need to add more miles to my Saturday and Sunday but for now, that’s only 6 miles…but hey, it’s something!

I’ve registered for a few 5ks. I have one early on Thanksgiving morning “The Hungry Turkey” in downtown St. Louis.

I like the shirt!


And another one on Saturday morning “The Chill on the Hill” which is in a beautiful little Italian borough of St. Louis.


I’m also registered for my favorite…”Run for Your Beads” in Soulard of St. Louis.

A fun race!
A fun race!

I’m starting to read more running blogs which I have avoided lately so just maybe, I’m back in the groove.

My daughter is law is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year at her house. I’ll make a black walnut cake (favorite of my daddy..and mine), mac and cheeses, rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, deviled eggs and she is making the rest!

I am hoping that Daniel will join me on in the Hungry Turkey 5k on Thanksgiving morning but it’s going to be very cold so I don’t see that happening! Kids run free but I did buy him a shirt…just in case. 🙂

The Christmas/Thanksgiving parade will happen right after the 5k in downtown St. Louis so I suspect the traffic will be bad and streets closed all over but I like being able to run to help with the overeating guilt that I often experience on Thanksgiving. 🙂

I need more winter running clothes…maybe Santa can bring me some things.

In case you just don’t know what to get the “runner girl” in your life….here are some suggestions for stocking stuffers.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners: Stocking Stuffers

You better be good to your runner this year…….

“The woman who starts the race is not the same woman who finishes the race.” – Sign at the Nike Women’s Marathon


9 thoughts on “Charlotte Get’s Her Groove Back

  1. Two 5k’s? That’s awesome, Charlotte! I can organize one, but I can’t run one. 😀 I laughed out loud at that last graphic. There is NO WAY I would mess with marathoner! lol Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    1. Yeah, 2! I’m nuts. It’s my first Turkey day run. I have read that it’s the biggest running holiday of all. It’s downtown STL so hope it doesn’t get canceled due to the issues going on there. Boots and Badges 5k got canceled but I guess all cops and firemen were needed elsewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, Rob!

  2. I love that Turkey Trot shirt! I’d run it just for that 🙂
    Enjoy your food and family! So glad you’re back into the groove!

    1. It’s always a gamble here in the midwest to run during the winter. I love cold weather running. That is a great quote and I can attest it is true. 🙂 Mardi Gras runs are always fun…I don’t know why everyone doesn’t enter one! 🙂

    1. That’s why I did it…to alleviate some guilt plus the shirt was cute! haha I was hoping Daniel (7 yr old grandson) would run with me but it’s going to be pretty cold. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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