Thanksgiving in a Torn City

This has been a wonderful weekend for me but a tragic time for our city here in St. Louis.

I started off Thanksgiving with “The Hungry Turkey” 5k.

The Hungry Turkey
The Hungry Turkey

And with everything going on here in St. Louis re: Ferguson has been stressful on this city. The long tradition of the Thanksgiving Parade was canceled but Hungry Turkey 5k was not. I was happy about that. This city needs some togetherness right now.

I went to my son’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I cooked a few things but my son and daughter in law were making the rest. I enjoyed not being the one who stressed over everything so I could just enjoy it. I did most of what I did cook in Columbia and brought it to St. Louis. Eli stayed in the kitchen all day while I was cooking!

You Gonna Eat That?
You Gonna Eat That?

They made an incredible Thanksgiving meal and I don’t compliment them much but this may have been my best Thanksgiving meal. I ate too much of course but I didn’t have to have the food sitting in my frig for days so that’s a plus.

They made a turkey, andouille cornbread stuffing, roasted root veggies (which is one of my favorites), arugula/goat cheese/cranberry salad, brie-cranberry puff pastries and a wonderful ginger pumpkin pie! I made homemade cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, mac and cheese (per Daniel’s request) and a black walnut bundt cake.

My Plate! HA!
My Plate! HA!
Ginger Pumpkin Pie
Ginger Pumpkin Pie Made by James and Daniel
Black Walnut Cake
Black Walnut Cake Made by Me

We ate good….argued a bit as usual. My son and I are opposite on the political spectrum! I really try to never talk about that with him because I don’t need convincing and he thinks he doesn’t! haha

Daniel and Sadie spent the night last night so that gave James and Allison a night alone. Sadie is 21 months old and that was the first time she has spent the night with us. Daniel always does. She did well and slept with her brother on the sofa bed. It was fun spending time with her and of course Daniel as always.

My Girl Sadie
My Girl Sadie
My Kiddies!
My Kiddies!

There has been so much destruction of properties and businesses in a city that I have loved since I was 14 years old when my daddy first brought me here from Tennessee to see a Cardinals game.

Seeing the protesters, riots, burning, looting, crying, shutting down businesses and just sadness all around has been surreal.

Then entire thing is so tragic no matter how you come down on what happened in Ferguson.

I have another 5k in the morning and I am so excited about it! It takes place in my favorite part of St. Louis. A place call “The Hill.” It is a beautiful, blue-collar Italian community. It is also the boyhood home of Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra. The 5k route will go right by their homes which are still beautifully maintained by the current owners.

Chill on the Hill
Chill on the Hill

So many italian supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries….the smells are always incredible. Afterwards, I’ll have some breakfast in one of the many places there.

I have never run on any street on the hill so this will be so exciting.

I so thankful for so much. I am thankful that I found my soul mate (Kevin) after a shitty first marriage. I’m thankful for my son who has turned out to be a wonderful man, husband and father. I am thankful for Allison. My son got lucky when he met her. I am thankful beyond any words to have Daniel and Sadie in my life. My real life began when I  had my first grandchild. I am thankful for Peyton and Eli. They make me feel special every single day. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters. I don’t see them often but we had great times together as kids. I am thankful that Kevin and I have good jobs, good health insurance, our dream home in Columbia, an apartment in St. Louis. I am thankful that I am in good health….and I am aware that could change in a heartbeat. I’m thankful I discovered running….I could go on and on. I am fortunate.

I hope all my WordPress friends had a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving. I do appreciate all of you who follow my blog and comment on my posts. 🙂

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr


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