Am I Katie Hopkins?

I was flipping channels last night after the football playoff game turned into a one-sided beat-down and ran into a show that interested me greatly.

The minute we started watching it, my husband said “That is You!!”

Katie Hopkins is a British journo and TV Personality who has made controversial comments about fat/obese people. She claims that being fat is their own fault for stuffing their faces and not getting any exercise. She also says that fat people appear to be lazy.

She is harsh and I probably wouldn’t say that in public but I agree with a lot that she says.

In the documentary (Fat and Back), she deliberately ate 6500+ calories per day and went from 8 stone, 8lbs (120 lbs) to 12 stone (168 lbs) in 4 months so she could lose the weight and prove that if you just stop eating so much and exercise, you will not be fat.

From what I know, she is a hated figure in the UK for her stance and opinions on this and other controversies.

Katie Hopkins (Fat and Back)

I am not as harsh as she is but she does have some points in this article that she penned  “It’s Not Fat Shaming, It’s Honesty” for the Huffington Post.

I want to explain a bit that I would never say bad things to people to hurt their feelings. That is not me and it would bother me beyond belief if I thought I had said something hurtful to people such as things that Katie says.

But it does worry me a bit that I hold many of the beliefs that she does.

I especially worry about people allowing their children to become so fat. I really do wish my parents had sat me down as a little girl and explained that I was overweight and they were going to help me. And explained how being overweight was bad for my health and that people might make fun of me.

But as an adult, I alone am responsible for my size. I am the one who let myself get obese and I was the one who fixed that problem by lowering my calories, eating healthier and exercising.

So Katie is saying what I think. She is rude but truthful.

Maybe because I was obese, I feel I can make that judgement now. I know saying that does not make me popular but this is my blog and I use it to say what I feel or observe.

I feel the same way about smokers. I used to be a smoker and thank God I quit 16 years ago. I judge smoker pretty harsh also. I am manager of people and to this day, it makes me nauseous to be in a room with some of my employees who smoke. It literally makes me sick. I find myself finding ways to get them out of my office and the smell stays in after they leave.

One employee wants to crochet a “Frozen” hat for my Sadie. But I smell the smoke so deep in her clothes that I make excuses for her to not do that. Last time I just told her that Sadie don’t wear hats and she doesn’t keep them on her head. Fact is, Sadie loves hats and would love a “Frozen” hat. I would never give Sadie a gift that reeked of smoke.

Maybe that makes me a mean person. I’m 55 years old. I’ve been obese. I’ve been a smoker. I feel I have earned a right to have my beliefs. I do manage (for now) to keep them to myself and my blog. 🙂

Katie Hopkins is blunt, rude and mean but she is not wrong.

“When you are fat you have two options. One is to stand naked in front of a mirror and admit I am fat. I need to do something about this. There are no excuses. The other is to buy into the sympathy and support, listen to people that say they don’t judge and keep on supersizing your world to protect your feelings. The latter may seem like the easy option but it isn’t. Being fat is hard.” ~ Katie Hopkins


5 thoughts on “Am I Katie Hopkins?

  1. I’m kind of torn on this one, Charlotte. Let me preface what I’m about to say that all things are possible. In theory. Let’s take a runway model as an extreme example. Her work is to walk the catwalk. Part of her work is training and working out. Now, add 50-60 hours of the weekly grind to that picture and I’ll guarantee that she won’t look nearly as good as she does. Take away the nanny (if she has kids) so that after a 50 -60 hour work week she sits down with her kids to help them with homework, take them to soccer, to the play rehearsal and then the recital. It goes on. I don’t know Katie Hopkins personal life, but I do know mine. If I had all week to work out, play basketball, go to the sauna and get a message, I would think that my healthy would be much better, at least from a weight perspective. Again, I do believe that all things are possible, but there are extenuating situations that, perhaps, Katie Hopkins might not have.

  2. I certainly can’t argue with your point. Her money/lifestyle has likely enabled her to work more on fitness. My son and I have this debate often. He thinks I judge it harshly and I think maybe I do also. I shouldn’t and I hesitate to blog about how I feel about it because I know it appears that I am making it a simplistic solution. My husband agrees with you! haha Obviously, I am still a little overweight and not nearly as healthy as I wish I were. But what I do believe is that what and how much a person chooses to eat is all up to them. Maybe they do not have time to work out, run etc but they can eat less food. I look at people like Oprah Winfrey and all her millions and still can’t get her weight down. Oprah is just one example. Its about discipline to me and I know that is where I fail. It’s not my busy life but me that makes me heavier, it’s my lack of discipline. I know what to do. I just don’t always do it. I think Katie is a unlikeable woman by what I read. Last night was my first time knowing about her. I’m just as hardcore about crime. My son argues relentlessly that a people’s poverty makes them a criminal. I think they are criminals because they choose to be and it’s an easy solution. Nice debate, Rob! 🙂

  3. One thing that I think has not been taken into account is people’s size due to health issues. There are certain medical problems that will cause people to gain weight – and no amount of dieting or exercise will help. So, I don’t think one can assume that ALL obese people choose to be obese.

    1. You are right. There are many things that do hinder a person from being thinner or fitter. I know people who have illnesses that keep them from losing weight and exercising properly. I would guess that is a small percentage of the obese people, though. It is complicated and Katie and I over simplify the problem. 🙂

  4. It’s not a popular point of view but I do agree with it. Obviously it’s not realistic for ordinary people with jobs and without personal trainers/chefs to be in the same kind of physical shape as an actress or someone else who’s living is based on what they look like. But I think healthy eating and exercise will keep you healthy and make the difference between carrying a little extra weight (understandable) and being morbidly obese. Food can be an addiction just like other things and making excuses doesn’t help anybody.

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