Tom Brady’s Balls

I am in at the end of week 5 of Half Marathon training. Currently, I run 5 days a week and cross train on 3 days. So I only have one day rest. Today was not that day but I just wanted to play hooky and sit on the couch and play with the puppies.

I am eating fairly healthy, lower calories and feeling energetic and good.

Winter (like summer) presents a lot of challenges for me to exercise and especially run. Most of my week-day runs are on the treadmill. I have gained a whole new respect for treadmill training. I still don’t like it but it is working for me and I get a great workout.

I am considering changing my half marathon (Apr 12) to a marathon. I won’t do that lightly but I will know the closer I get to that day whether I want to try it again. Go! St. Louis marathon is a very challenging marathon. Many say it is a bit harder (more inclines) than the Rock ‘n Roll marathon. I’ll decide how my training goes.

God knows I have plenty of new shoes! In the last 6 months, I have bought 7 pair of expensive running shoes. I have promised myself and my husband that I won’t buy anymore this year! HA!

Eli and My Running Shoes
Eli and My Running Shoes

It’s no secret with people who know me but I love football, hockey and baseball.

Around September every year, I get excited about football. I used to be season ticket holder for the Kansas City Chiefs but it became such a time-consuming event. We still go a few times a year.

My team did not make it to the playoffs so my interest drops a bit. I am a Peyton Manning fan so even though no self-respecting Chiefs fan would be for the Denver Broncos but what can I say, I love the Manning Quarterbacks. My dogs are Peyton and Eli.


As most people know, I’m pretty opinionated and I have many times unpopular views on things.

First, I do not give a rat’s ass that Pete Rose bet on baseball. He never bet against his own team nor did he throw a game. I have watched him play in person many times and even had one awkward encounter with him at a hotel in St. Louis! (another story, another time). He has always been my baseball hero. He played the game every time like a little kid that loved the game.

I loved Mark McGwire and I really do not care that he took steroids. I even find it hard to understand why is it not permitted. Many things give athletes an upper hand or leg up on being good and competitive. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Raphael Palmero.. etc were great ball players and it’s a shame the media have spent their careers trying to ruin theirs. Jose Canseco is a piece of crap, though…..and an idiot.

I was disappointed in Lance Armstrong. Not because he doped, but because he was ruthless in making others dope and threatening their careers if they did not. I was very disappointed that he was so cruel to get his way.  I still think he was a great athlete.

With so many athletes abusing women and murdering people, why go after people who do not hurt others.

I do believe in rules and if it’s against the rules of the sport, I do believe there should be punishments, not banishment. At the time when many athletes doped with HGH, it was not even illegal in the sport.

I do not like the New England Patriots. I suspect they would cheat to win a game if necessary. I used to not like Tom Brady because I thought he was just a pretty boy with no ability. Over the years, I have grown to respect Tom Brady as a tough, talented athlete.

And for once, I am not sure how I feel about this situation with 11 of 12 of their footballs being illegally deflated. I listened to both their press conferences today. For the first time, I felt like Belichick was being honest. My logic tells me that the culprit here is Tom Brady.

I watched his press conference and even though he is a king, living in a castle with a moat around it and married to a super model. I felt very sorry for him today.

I don’t know how I feel about the allegations. Someone deflated the balls. My logic tells me that Tom Brady would know this and even order it to be done. I also believe that he has been doing this for years. Maybe he has been doing it for so long that he didn’t even give a thought to it being against the rules.

I will say listening to Brady’s press conference today, I was amused about his talking for 60 minutes about how he likes, grips and handles his balls. This has all been a sad comedy. And still, I like Tom Brady.

I despise the media. They build up people and love to knock them down. They did it with McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Tiger, A-Rod.

I really don’t care for either team in the Super Bowl. I will watch it because that’s what I do. I’ll pull for whichever team is behind in the fourth quarter.

I don’t believe in Karma, but if it exists, Seahawks should win.

But for the first time in my football watching life, I just might be pulling a little bit for Tom Brady.

“When you win, nothing hurts” ~ Joe Namath

13 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Balls

  1. I’m not a fan of the media, either. Yes, I agree, the Seahawks should win! My favorite team has been in a hole ever since they’ve been bought out by their stupid, egotistical owner. And I have lots of running shoes, too! 🙂 Good luck with your training!

      1. I actually think that is another case the media is trying to make a story. I am native american indian and I do not care about the name. I do think the owner (and media) have ruined what was a good athlete RGIII. I still pull for him to redeem himself. I find myself pulling for the Redskins much of the time.

      2. I love RGIII and I think the owner really screwed up with him. I’ve been a fan since the 1970s. Younger people ask what I think of the name, and frankly I think all depends on money. That seems to be the way the world works!

  2. Your dogs are so sweet 🙂 I don’t want the Seahawks to win because they beat the Packers. But I do know that’s illogical since the Packers totally deserved the loss! Sigh.

  3. I need kisses immediately from Peyton, Eli, and you!!! Y’all are sooo cute!!! Love the pictures!!! Truly adorable!! Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!!! XOXO (oh and LOVE all of your shoes!!!)

  4. I think that if the Patriots hadn’t had such a checkered past this would be much ado about nothing. But after the tuck rule, spygate, recently the weird substitution in the Ravens game, and now this….. I think that all sports are best served if everyone just follows the rules. As far as PED’s are concerned, I think that eventually the competition it will create will start to filter down to college and high school sports. I’d stop watching at that point.

    1. They definitely have made themselves hateable! lol (not sure that’s a word). I think rules should be observed also but it seems the media really want the Patriots to spot clean. I am a Patriot hater! 🙂 I still do not care about PEDs etc so much with adults. All these so called “health cocktails” do things also to the body. Now, I am not for young people ruining their bodies. Grown men can choose. Sadly, it had already filtered into high schools when I was there. Long ago! haha Oh, yeah….how about my Blues? lol Hawks look ok too. lol

      1. Hmmmmm….I might make that wager! One day when I end up in Boston, we can bet a beer! haha Truth is, my daughter in law’s family (brother and sister) live in Boston and my son and daughter in law want to move there….so who knows! haha I may just have to kill them if they try to move my grandkids, though! lol

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