A Fallen Runner

I’m making excuses of course but I feel not so much  like a runner anymore…..except for when I see runners out and then my heart tells me I am. This morning I saw a group of runners….in the dark…in the rain *sigh*

I still run but mostly on the weekend. Last weekend while in St. Louis, I ran 3.2 miles on Saturday and felt like I could have run forever.

On Sunday morning, Kevin and I ran in a charity event “Boots and Badges” benefiting the children  of fallen Police Officers, Firemen and EMTs.

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I ran in the Blue for Police “Badges” and Kevin ran in the Red for Firemen “Boots.” I didn’t run a personal best but I came very close and that 3.1 miles had many looong inclines. We had a great time and it was a fun and happy crowd.

I felt like the ole runner in me had kicked in….but then came work (long hours) and a bout with serious conjunctivitis that hit me like something I haven’t experienced. I am a bit better today but not much. At least I can see! haha

I have all but left the blog world….and the running world. I miss being an obsessed runner! I will do a long run this weekend and maybe get in runs next week. I have Half Marathon April 12 “Go! St. Louis” and I am sure it will be a struggle. But I deserve it.

I’ll still enjoy the Runner’s Expo the day before. That’s the only reason I run anyway…for the stuff!

So, my life is busy but good. My brother is still hanging in there with good spirits…but he is getting worse. I have come to terms with the fact that I will say goodbye to my little brother soon. The world will be a worse place without….i’ve no doubt. But for now I wish him comfort and love.

I’m not a religious person….but at times like these…I wish I were. But I say prayers just in case.

Work is busy….and the truth is, I am liking it. I am involved in many projects as the leader so I stay busy and keep my teams busy. My days are long.

I get home and kiss on my dogs…..and Kevin 🙂

I eat healthy for the most part. I get to spend time with my cute little grandkiddies. St. Louis Blues Hockey is winding down a bit and my fingers are still crossed for the Stanley Cup. I put some red in my hair! 🙂


My St. Louis Cardinals are about to begin the season…that always makes me just a little bit happier when the Birds fly back up North! 🙂

I’m a slacker on reading my friends blogs. I have all intentions of checking in and then I don’t.

I’m in a running stall……I thought good weather would help but it hasn’t.

I registered for the lottery in the “Chicago Marathon” slotted for October. If by chance I could get in…that will be a kick in my runner’s shorts! I have heard that it is easier to get in the Chicago Marathon by lottery. I’ll know May 28. If I don’t, I’ll find another marathon.

I miss training for the marathon. I am jealous of those who are. I think that still makes me a runner.

“They say the breaks even up in the long run, and the trick is to be a long-distance runner.” ~ Chuck Knox, LA Rams                          


9 thoughts on “A Fallen Runner

  1. It’s great to see you again, Charlotte! I’m wishing the best for your brother, as well as for you and your family. I’ve walked in your shoes and I don’t wish that on anyone. I love the selfie! Very hot mama! 😀 I hope that the Cardinals do well this year. I can’t stand it when we don’t and I have to listen to all of these Red Sox fans. They were so much nicer when they were afflicted with the curse of the bambino!

    1. Haha That’s pretty funny. I liked them better under the curse too! haha I get sick of those “B” hats that are all over my way too! Thank you for the compliment! I’ve been smiling ever since I read that! 🙂 I going to spend some time tonight catching up on friend blogs. I didn’t bring any work home and having wine and cheese in my backyard. 🙂

  2. When you’re busy with work and family, it can be hard to stay passionate about running all of the time, but it’s in your blood now; running will never be out of your life! There may be times when it’s dormant, but you’ll be back on the pavement running with the rest of us when you feel the urge! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Chicago – I know people who have run in that marathon and they say it’s a fun race!
    Keep signing up for races, too. It will keep you motivated! Yesterday I signed up for a half-marathon in Milwaukee in late September. I have a friend who lives there and she talked me into doing it! I’m not a baseball fan, but I’ll get to run through the Brewers’ stadium, which I’m sure will be very exciting!
    I’m also planning on doing another marathon in October in Des Moines, God willing.
    It was good to see your beautiful, smiling face on your blog once again! 🙂

    1. Wow! You are going for your second. I admire that. It takes so much training and discipline. The Brewer’s stadium run sounds fantastic. I am a baseball fan and got to run into Busch Stadium Home of St. Louis Cardinals and it was a highlight of my life. I do love running. I feel so much guilt for not doing it so much. Keep us up to date with marathon trainingI I will be your virtual cheerleader. 🙂

  3. We’ve all been there. I’d pretty much stopped running after I found out I was losing my job. Of course, I knew I’d have plenty of time to get back into it! I love the picture of yourself! Also, thinking of you and your family, because you are missed when you don’t blog. 🙂

  4. I have been bad about blogging and reading them. Decided I was going to check a few tonight. I’m sorry to hear that about your brother. That is truly sad.

    I thought about doing the half this weekend downtown but decided to do a smaller one in Maryville. Only 250 participants max. Get my feet wet at that distance. Mine is May 9.

    So, if you’re planning on another marathon you must have enjoyed the first one.

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