Just Rewards for Not Training

It’s been a while and it’s time for me to update!

I’m still very busy at work with projects so I have very little free time to blog or read blogs. I think about it everyday but just don’t.

Spring in St. Louis
Spring in St. Louis

After barely training due to work hours and various other excuses that I have made, I ran my Half Marathon this past Sunday in St. Louis.

On Saturday, Kevin ran the 5k and for the first time, he bowed out of the Half with me. That made me a bit sad because I wanted to run with him. But I was watching him do his 5k. This was a new experience for me. I have never been a spectator watching…always running. I enjoyed watching people cross the finish with many friends and family cheering them on. I was there for my baby when he crossed. 🙂 He’s been suffering injuries and just now getting back into running. So I was proud of him.

After that, we went to the Runner’s Expo on Saturday which always picks me up, excites me and breaks my bank $$$….but I was getting a bit excited to run…still nervous about the lack of proper training.

The night before, I was a literal bitch or basket case depending on which of my family members that you ask. Daniel and Sadie still thought I was awesome.


But, I was stressed, crying, irritable and anxious. I did not want to run it. I really for the very first time, wanted to not do it.

I woke up Sunday morning at 5am and ate my oatmeal and bagel. Put on my gear…and I was in tears. I still did not want to run. But if you know my personality….I could never just not go to something I registered for.

Our time was rushed and the dogs still needed tending to so I asked Kevin to drop me off in downtown STL near the start line and he could go back to the apartment to take care of them and come back and be there when or IF I crossed the finish line.

He reluctantly did that (which was sweet) but that’s what I wanted. I always have a guilt feeling if my dogs don’t get needed attention so I knew that would at least alleviate that anxiety.

While I was standing among thousands of anxious runners……I could not get excited. The sun coming up under the St. Louis Gateway Arch was incredible.

11150605_10153204071035505_1128869725532126626_n 11156286_10153205160025505_1538216095201564498_n11047873_10153205160955505_1369777584706643705_n

I was in tears and I mean like never before. Usually, when I line up with the others, the jitters and nerves leave and excitement is there. Not this time. This was different. I was a ball of tears and nerves. I missed Kevin. I wanted to be home. I did not want to be there.


Then the buzzer sounds and thousands of happy runners began. I put on my running playlist, started my garmin and started running. My tears left and I became calm. When I ran under the huge American Flag….I felt goose bumps. The crowd including me was excited.

This was a new route which took us across Eads bridge into East St. Louis, Illinois and back over the MLK Bridge back into downtown. We went through the riverfront and warehouse district. I loved this route! It was tough over the bridges but I was enjoying it. About 3 miles in…it started a slow rain so I was in my element.

My spotify playlist stopped due to overcast skies (I’m assuming) so I ran 1.5 miles or so with no music. I don’t like doing that…but this was nice. I could other’s talking, laughing, breathing hard and footsteps. Even my own. Soon my music came back on and I was happy.

I was on schedule to run my record time half marathon. I kept looking at my Garmin and couldn’t believe it. I remember around mile 6 or 7 all the excited crowds with their inspirational and funny signs. At that point…..I was so happy that I was a Runner! I remembered why I loved running. I was running at a record pace for me at mile 10. I was keeping a 10:22 pace which is very good for me on long runs.

Then….lack of training properly started kicking my ass about about mile 10 near AnheuserBusch. My hamstrings started feeling very tight. I couldn’t even stretch out my stride. My quads were locking up. That was absolutely, the worst 3.1 miles that I have ever experienced…counting the marathon.

That runner’s high left and I hit the wall.

I didn’t even experience “the wall” in my marathon.

I’m very intimate with “the wall” now….

I still PR’d that bitch by almost 6 minutes…..but if I had trained properly…. *sigh*


Lesson Learned?????


5 thoughts on “Just Rewards for Not Training

  1. Here’s what you need to take away from this experience: think about how far you have come. You can run a damn half-marathon now without training. And you can PR! Seriously, you should be frickin’ proud of yourself! 🙂

    I’ve kind of reached that point, too. Half-marathons don’t even intimidate me anymore.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we can get to that point with marathons, too? LOL I’m really dreaming now, aren’t I? 🙂

    1. Hey, we don’t want everyone in our marathon club! 🙂 All I can think about it what if. I suffered for 3.1 miles but those first 10 made me over confident and euphoric! I love and hate running. 🙂

    1. Thank you, CeeJayKay! I do wish I had trained. If I could have kept that 10:22 pace for 13.1 miles, I’d feel unstoppable! haha But I am pleased. 🙂

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