All Those Damn Vampires…..

The title is a line from one of my favorite “cult following” movies “Lost Boys about my favorite place.  Santa Carla = Santa Cruz and it’s filmed in Santa Cruz and particularly on the boardwalk.

Since my last  blog entry “Cleaning My Plate” – I did clean it a bit.

Sadly, I decided to defer my Chicago Marathon entry until next year. I have feelings that range from being a failure to relieved. I just couldn’t find time to run during the week due to long work hours. I wonder if I just used that as an excuse.

And what is worse, I have run not in almost 2 weeks. That does make me feel like a failure. I don’t feel like a runner anymore…except when I see runners. 🙂

However, I do suspect I’ll be running again soon and on the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz and surrounding areas in California. 🙂

I leave in the morning for a 2 week vacation in my favorite place in the US. My husband is from the area so a few years we went there to visit and I fell in love with that little hippie beach town.

I plan to retire there when it is possible.

We rent a beautiful suite right on the beachfront near the boardwalk. I wake every morning to the barking of sea lions and the ocean waves crashing.


I am still not in a Cali state of mind yet. I can’t clear my mind of all the things that is swimming in my head….work, family, leaving my dogs for a long time….life, I suppose.

I plan on getting another tattoo from my guy (Tim Buonagurio) at “Good Omen” Tattoo to commemorate something that was a far distant dream….completing the Rock n Roll Marathon in St. Louis this past October. My tattoo will look something like the medal..I think.

IMG_9335So very soon, I’ll be on beautiful beaches drinking margaritas; on the boardwalk eating garlic fries and deep fried twinkies; hiking the Redwoods, running on the shore of Monterey Bay and having a relaxing time exploring and hanging out with my husband….who I haven’t seen much in months.


♥~Keep Santa Cruz Weird~♥