A Lifetime Ago

DRAFT NEVER PUBLISHED (I starting writing this post as a draft right after our vacation and Jimmy’s funeral and never finished or posted it)

It seems like so long ago that Kevin and I went on our 10 day vacation to Santa Cruz, CA…..a lifetime ago.

It’s been 2 weeks since we buried our brother. I had barely been home from vacation a few days until I drove to Alabama to be with my brother and family.

So, vacation seemed so long ago and not even deserving to remember…it seems.

We fly out of St. Louis on a late flight Aug 18 and had a layover at Salt Lake City airport. We got into San Jose at about 11pm. It was an uneventful flight. We decided to drive into Santa Cruz that night and find a room other than the one we have booked or vacation. My intention was to get a room in San Jose but Kevin wanted to wake up in Santa Cruz.

We always stay at Beach Street Inn right on the ocean front near the boardwalk. There is a little cafe near us that has incredible, local food. I always get a fruit turnover. I may possibly miss that more than anything!

Strawberry Turnover from the Picnic Basket
Strawberry Turnover from the Picnic Basket

Then we took a stroll on the wharf to see my favorite attraction…the seal lions. I still think it’s incredible to see such creatures up close and personal.

I helped rescue a sea bird that had a badly mangled foot and wing. I protected him from other birds picking on him. Kevin flagged down the beach patrol and they went to get Wildlife rescue. I named him “Cruz.”


Our first full day there, we just shopped for things we needed and didn’t get far from the beach.

Our view
Our view

Day 2: I went for a beach run and Kevin an I drove north along the coast.

Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges


It was a great vacation but I never finished my daily blog!




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