NordicTrack, iFit and iMaps and Me

We woke up to substantial snow on the ground.

I ate a typical breakfast (which is not the most healthy) of bacon and an English muffin along with coffee with half and half.

Back in November, I was diagnosed with moderate Diverticulitis which is inflammation of the digestive track. It’s been painful and frustrating trying to find foods that do not aggravate the colon. I should not eat bacon! HA!

Let me tell you that running with a bad colon is not a good thing! Running messes with a good colon! So, eating right is a must.

I’m getting better with my healthy eating. J


I did my run today on my NordicTrack using iFit. I can’t describe how much I love this treadmill. It was a bit pricey but I have never had a boring run on a treadmill since I bought it back in November.

Today I did a 1.2 fast shakeout mile in a town called E Tnaot Chum Village in Cambodia. It was such a poor village and unbelievable scenery.

I took some screen shots the best I could during the run. What I did notice was that even though the village looked so poor, the children playing looked so happy.


This was an enlightening run.

I can’t say it was beautiful in the sense of coastlines, Paris etc, but it was realistic and enlightening.

This series of runs on iFit/iMaps is called “Ruins.” The runs range from 1 mile to 8 or 9 miles.

I will be trying out several of these runs.

Kevin and I racked our last batch of “2 Brown Dogs” strawberry wine today. We picked these strawberries fresh this past spring and made our wine. It’s ready to bottle which we’ll probably do next weekend. I had some tastes of it today…delicious and 18% ABV so watch out!

Right now it’s rather dry but we will sweetened in before we bottle.


It’s time for a smoothie for dinner, some work prepping, football watching…

Have a good week!

Go Peyton Manning!

A Love Letter to a Non-Running Runner

This is something that I have been keenly aware of for several years. I love this man but I can’t stand him as a running partner. He doesn’t read my blog posts so maybe I can get away with this.

In case he sees it, you are a wonderful man. You got me through marathon training as well as anything else in my life. You are my friend, playmate and partner. J


Dear Sweet, Loving Husband,

Running with you sucks badly.

  • You complain constantly
  • I’m running to fast
  • Too many hills
  • Not the right route you wanted
  • I don’t take enough walk breaks
  • It’s too cold
  • It’s too hot
  • You are sick
  • You are tired

You never push yourself. You never challenge yourself. When you get tired, you complain. You run often and have run several half marathons but you never train. You never set challenging goals.

How can you get any better if you don’t run past your tiredness? That’s when you make improvements. Geez!!

And after it’s over, most runners (whether it was a shitty or great run) feel exhilarated and glad they did it…a bit euphoric

Not you, my love….

You complain for hours afterwards. I try to tune you out, it’s hard when I want to celebrate

  • Your feet hurt
  • Your head hurts
  • You are tired
  • That was too much
  • Wonk…wonk…wonk…wonk….wonk

I didn’t ask you to go…well, maybe I did but it was a gratuitous gesture on my part. I didn’t expect you to take me up on it…but you did, sadly.

My initial thought was “oh, shit” – it’s going to be an unenjoyable experience but then I said “relax” it will be fun.

It wasn’t. You kill my joy of running.

I love you dearly but don’t ever run with me again.

Love Always,

Your Wife

What’s on My Mind

Taking a page from “Rob’s” blog but I’ll edit! 🙂

On My Mind….Coffee, Football, Chiefs, Beat Patriots, Run…eat….

Today, my boys the KC Chiefs play the New England Patriots…I can’t think of anything else.

I also want to run but it’s so cold outside….I’ll see.

I might run in Mooloolaba, Australia (a place I spent 3 weeks at) in 1998.

Deciding whether to eat healthy or get junky “playoff” snacks

Beer vs Wine during the game

My Picks: Chiefs, Cardinals, Panthers, Broncos (love Peyton Manning mucho)


It’s Been A While

So much as been going on with me and it’s been overwhelming! I’m trying to slow it down, if possible.

One of my resolutions this year was “to live more in the present.” I want so much to do that.

I’ve lived for sometime in stress and sadness  but I feel that is leaving. I’m trying to eat better, exercise more and enjoy life more. My last 2 or 3 weeks have felt hectic but my stress level has been low.

I better get my ass back on track because I have a Half Marathon in April and then the Chicago Marathon training begins! I deferred it last year due to the things on my plate but I will do it this year!

Our company is expanding and we are even under construction to double our plant size and product produced. I’ve finally hired enough supervisors and technical specialists that have given me relief. We can’t make enough product for our customers. My responsibilities doubled and hours almost doubled. I wake up at 4:30am and get home at 6:30pm so my running has been for the most part on my new treadmill!

NordicTrack and iFit which allows me to run where in the world that I want. Today I ran from Flagstaff to Sedona in beautiful Arizona. I do love my new treadmill. It uses Google Maps and simulates the terrain which changes inclines to the terrain. I run often on beaches 🙂

I use weekends to do outside running when I can.

I’m doing more than running, I am working on strength building. So I think I’m doing the right things.

I have gained about 10 lbs that I am working hard to get off. I feel embarrassed that I let myself fall into this slump.

Everyone who knows me knows that I want to move to Northern California. There is a medical device company in the San Francisco area that has been courting me for the last couple of weeks. I have my second interview with them on the phone on Tuesday. After that….who knows. I’m not sure how I feel about that possibility but I think it will be good for me to check out the possibility. The only thing that would stop it may be leaving Daniel and Sadie. Maybe it will go no where but I’ll see.

Daniel and Sadie – the loves of my life

This week has been very sad to me. We lost 2 icons that I loved to cancer. David Bowie’s music could have literally been the soundtrack to my entire life and especially in my teenage years. Alan Rickman was my favorite actor. I felt a personal sadness when I heard he died. I hate cancer.

Check out my husband’s cousins. We went to see them a few months ago and I was blown away. He writes most of their music and they rarely do covers…but this one was incredible and its a cover of my favorite song ever by Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks). Check them out. It makes me happy about their incredible success and they are good people. (Ruth and Madisen Ward)

I’ve missed you guys 🙂