NordicTrack, iFit and iMaps and Me

We woke up to substantial snow on the ground.

I ate a typical breakfast (which is not the most healthy) of bacon and an English muffin along with coffee with half and half.

Back in November, I was diagnosed with moderate Diverticulitis which is inflammation of the digestive track. It’s been painful and frustrating trying to find foods that do not aggravate the colon. I should not eat bacon! HA!

Let me tell you that running with a bad colon is not a good thing! Running messes with a good colon! So, eating right is a must.

I’m getting better with my healthy eating. J


I did my run today on my NordicTrack using iFit. I can’t describe how much I love this treadmill. It was a bit pricey but I have never had a boring run on a treadmill since I bought it back in November.

Today I did a 1.2 fast shakeout mile in a town called E Tnaot Chum Village in Cambodia. It was such a poor village and unbelievable scenery.

I took some screen shots the best I could during the run. What I did notice was that even though the village looked so poor, the children playing looked so happy.


This was an enlightening run.

I can’t say it was beautiful in the sense of coastlines, Paris etc, but it was realistic and enlightening.

This series of runs on iFit/iMaps is called “Ruins.” The runs range from 1 mile to 8 or 9 miles.

I will be trying out several of these runs.

Kevin and I racked our last batch of “2 Brown Dogs” strawberry wine today. We picked these strawberries fresh this past spring and made our wine. It’s ready to bottle which we’ll probably do next weekend. I had some tastes of it today…delicious and 18% ABV so watch out!

Right now it’s rather dry but we will sweetened in before we bottle.


It’s time for a smoothie for dinner, some work prepping, football watching…

Have a good week!

Go Peyton Manning!


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