California Dreaming or a Nightmare?

For many years, I have had a fantasy of living and working in the Bay area of California. I have daydreamed of that since 2009 when I first visited my husband’s home. My husband was raised there and I can tell he misses it everytime we visit. He moved here to Missouri in 2000.

I quickly fell in love with Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Capitola, Napa and Big Sur…it’s like a fantasy.

For the last several weeks, a Medical Device Manufacturer in the Bay area has been courting me so to speak to come to work for them.

I interviewed on the phone several times and I was informed tonight that they are impressed by me and want to fly me there Friday if possible to meet the other managers.

I’m pretty sure the money will be right because of what I have already told them….

They will pay for relocation….

Concord is a beautiful and safe city.

It’s 30 minutes from San Francisco and beautiful beaches.

It’s 1 ½ hour from Santa Cruz.

It’s 45 minutes from Napa Valley.

It’s a couple hours to mountains.

What won’t be there??

Daniel and Sadie….my heart, my everything.



5 thoughts on “California Dreaming or a Nightmare?

  1. What a tough decision. Those precious grandkids will be grown before you know it. David and I fell in love with Arizona last spring and seriously considered relocating there, but you know what stopped me? Being away from my kids. And the grandkids I’ll have someday. My family is everything to me. I figured I can just go and visit Arizona. Just listen to what your heart tells you and you can’t go wrong. I’m here if you need to vent!

  2. My:-) thank you so much. We, too love Arizona! We almost moved to New Mexico (most beautiful state in the US IMO) haha back in 2005 but I turned a job down. We love NorCal and know that’s where we want to be..eventually. My fear is that if I pass this up, it was my shot! haha If they decide not to hire me, I’ll be at peace with it. I wish my kids would move there too….that would be heaven! 🙂

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