My 2016 Hate List

This is my list of things people do that I hate.

This list could be from family, friend, co-worker, employee, politician, people at the gym, at Walmart, at Grocery stores, on the road, on Facebook or anywhere else.

My blog…my thoughts J


Charlotte’s Hate List!!!

People who cringe when dogs lick their face

People who are lazy

People who are whiners

People who are close talkers

People who are undependable

People who never take responsibility

People who are know-it-alls

People who live for drama

People who make excuses

People who are needy

People who are late

People who lie

People who gossip

People who are shit stirrers

People who are undependable

People who tell you too many details

People who waste my time

People who don’t show respect

People who expect people to give them everything

People who don’t try

People who don’t want to try anything new

People who take and never give

People who are fake friends


This list grows daily with my disappointment with the human race….

3 thoughts on “My 2016 Hate List

  1. I agree with this list! I’ve been so frustrated lately with people. Maybe the winter weather makes me grumpy and less tolerant of people! All I can do is control the things that I do, and just have to let others be the way they want to be, but there are times when I want to slap people upside the head! LOL

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