Cruel Humans

Kevin and I took a trip to Amish country this morning to shop at greenhouses. It’s about 20 or so miles from our home.

I love being there. It’s so beautiful and they live so simple. In many ways, I envy them.

We had a great time stopping here and there for flowers and baked goods. I took my camera to capture the scenery. Amish people do not like their picture taken so I just photograph the house, farm, animals etc. It was a perfect day.

I was having such a good and enjoyable time until we saw a small dog on the side of the road. She was very small and obviously had given birth to a litter of puppies. We slowed down as to not hit her with our car and she started running after our car.

It was obvious to me that she had just been dropped off by some shitbags. She was tiny, skinny and her teats were almost touching the ground. She had no collar on. I immediately wanted to stop but Kevin kept driving.

I could see her still running down the middle of the road following our car. We stopped and waited for her to catch us. My heart was beating so fast because I wanted to help her but didn’t know what I would do with her.

I got out of the car and tried to get her to come to me.

What was so sad was that she saw our car and probably thought her asshole parents were coming back for her. So she came to the car but when I tried to get close to her, she would run away. She would stop, come closer but then run away again.

We tried to get her for a while. The only thing I had for her to eat to try to entice her to come was cashew brittle that Kevin had bought. She didn’t want it. She would come closer and run.

I asked Kevin to try because dogs love him and I thought maybe his soft voice would make her less scared.

We were in Amish country so not that many cars came by but one big truck did and almost hit her. I was crying like a baby. I wanted to get her to take her to a place near that I knew about that took in strays.

What kind of person would drop a defenseless puppy off in the middle of nowhere.

She kept waiting for her people to come back and get her. She knew they were in a car so that is why she followed our car. But when we tried to get her, she knew we wasn’t her people.

She didn’t understand what was going on. She kept waiting for her people who would never come back. She probably missed her babies.

We kept trying but soon we knew we had to leave.

I have cried the rest of the day. I wish I could have helped her. If I had something for her to eat, I think I could have gotten her.

I get a feeling that she will die on that road. She will obviously stay close to the road because she thinks her sorry assed people will come back and get her.

I’m at a loss for how I feel about people anymore.

I still see the scared and confused look on that puppy’s face. She is still waiting for her people to come back if she is still alive.

If you have a dog that you no longer want, please take it to a shelter so they can find it a home.


2 thoughts on “Cruel Humans

  1. I will never, ever understand how humans can be so cruel. We truly are the cruelest species on the planet. But I try to remember that for every asshole, there is an angel and I would like to believe that good always overcomes evil. Hopefully that puppy will end up with a guardian angel and will end up living a happy life. Thank you for trying, though. You are one of the angels.

    1. Thank you. I’m so tempted to drive by that community after work today to see if I can see that little puppy. It haunts me. You are right. Humans are the cruelest species. There are many angels and I try to keep that in mind. Just not enough for the cruel ones.

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