Back 2 Good

It’s been a while since I last blogged.

It’s been almost 4 weeks from today that I had my sigmoid colectomy. They were able to do it laparoscopically with a few incisions in my stomach and one of them around my belly button was about 4 inches long which screwed up my pretty belly button that the plastic surgeon gave me in December 2013. L The surgeon removed 1 foot of my colon and an infected ovary. I was told that I had about 5 ft. of colon originally. So no biggie to just have 4 ft….I guess!??

My hospital stay was about 2 days shorter than the average person for that surgery. Doctors and nurses were impressed with my recovery. I wasn’t because I have a high bar set for myself! J I like to think my being a runner had something to do with that.

All my pathology tests came back good which I had stressed about.

My first days home as well as into the next week were miserable. I was in pain, lonely, frustrated and depressed. I honestly got a bit attached to the oxycodone that I was prescribed for pain. I felt like I was going downhill after all the progress that I had made to get myself healthy by losing 100+ lbs. and becoming a runner.

The 3rd week, Daniel came to Columbia for “Camp MyMy” as we call it. He calls me MyMy. That may have been one of the better weeks of my life. I adore being with Daniel. I feel good all over when he is with me. I could write a book on this week but I’ll spare any reader that I might have.

We fished, read books to each other, roasted hotdogs, made s’mores, played at the swimming pool, set up the tent in the backyard and camped out a couple of nights. We visited all the places he loves in Columbia both to play and to eat.

He was born here and lived about 4 and half years of his life right up the street from me.

With Daniel here, I quickly got off the pain medicine and enjoyed my time with him. I healed both mentally and physically. We took him home last Sunday and I have cried off and on since. I don’t think that is normal or what a grandma should do, but being with him is like a drug to me. So I have gone through some Daniel withdrawal.

I’m off the narcotics completely and I won’t go into it but that was about to get bad.

Yesterday was his birthday and I didn’t get to see him. He had other family from out of state up to visit so Kevin and I stayed in Columbia. I facetimed with him but that is not even close to being with him.

Daniel leaves for summer camp next weekend for a week. I think that will be a wonderful experience for him. We will go up next Friday night and spend some time with Daniel and Sadie before he leaves.

I started back to work this past Monday. Sunday night I dreaded it but I actually felt good and energetic. So many people commented on how good I looked. I had lost some weight and plus I was very tanned from hanging out at the pool with Daniel! J I could tell my co-workers were very surprised that I did look and act so healthy.

I started a “21 day No Junk Food Challenge” and “Chicago Marathon Training” on Monday. I completed all 4 of my runs and have had no junk food. I had to do a couple of my runs on the treadmill due to the heat and my colon adjusting to having a foot of itself cut out! Ha-ha

The surgeon said that it would be about 6 months before everything was back to normal. But it’s a minor issue at this point so I can live with it.

I feel better now than I’ve felt in 6 or 7 months. And I’ve lost about 7 lbs. and have no bloating anymore. Which had become a very big issue with me in the last few months.

Yesterday, Kevin and I ran 5 miles on the trails with fully loaded camelbacks. I’m not crazy about running with encumbrances but it was nice to have water so handy all the time. And it’s probably a good thing to have especially on 8+ mile long runs in this heat.

One good thing about training in the summer for a marathon is by the time Oct 9 comes, I will have run through the worst of times. That is how it was on my first marathon.

I moved my original training up one week due to our yearly vacation to Santa Cruz, CA. I can’t imagine getting my ass off the beach long enough to do a 16 mile run!

I will run daily there. We are even registered a 4k “Run By the Sea.” We did it last year and Kevin placed 2nd in his age group! I didn’t do well because I stopped a few times to take pictures of the sea lions laying on the beach and the breathtaking views.

I do love a daily run on the beach. We also usually get in a couple of street runs along the coastline.

#ChicagoMarathon #111DAYS

That’s all for now.

~Happy Father’s Day~


7 thoughts on “Back 2 Good

  1. OH CHARLOTTE!!!! so good to hear that you are well and that you had such a fab time with Daniel! LOVE the pics and you are looking FABULOUS funny!!! just look at you!!!! WELL DONE!
    Good luck with the training… love and light!
    XXX CJ

  2. Good to hear you are feeling so much better. I loved following your week with Daniel at camp mymy! Just let me say… hooray for kicking the narcotics out the door. I can’t express how happy that is to hear!!!!! You are a strong woman!

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