Reluctantly Moving Forward

Week #2 of Chicago Marathon training is in the books. 104 days until the big day.

It’s gone pretty well. It’s actually gone much better than I ever thought when I first found out that I had to have colon surgery. It’s been so hot and humid that I do most of my weekday runs on the treadmill. The longer runs I try to do outside. It’s not easy in the summer but I’ve been there and if you can make it through summer training, you can complete the marathon.

I hate treadmill running but I have found ways to make it work better for me and maybe even better than outside running. I have a great treadmill and can use iFit and iRunMaps to run anywhere in the world. But I am able to adjust speed to get more speed into my runs. I can adjust the incline to mimic hills. I have the Chicago Marathon route programed into it to try soon. At least segments of it.

And it’s also the end of week #2 of the “21 Day No Junk Food Challenge.”

I’ve lost weight and feel great except from some stomach pain around my belly button. Sometimes, I’m not sure if running is good for it at this point but the surgeon said it wouldn’t hurt and I have to train, right?

My long run this week was 6 miles scheduled for Saturday but I did it Friday due to the Macklind Mile in St. Louis on Saturday. It’s a popular yearly 1 mile run where people from all over try for the PR. There are many in the elite group who did it at a 4 minute pace. Amazing to me. I did it at 10:19 which is the slowest that I’ve done it in my 4 years of participating. It was humid and I was sore from the 6 miles on Friday and had some pain discomfort. It’s harder than you think.

Week 3 Chicago Marathon Training

*the pink is my planned miles and the purple are alternatives if I choose*

I got to spend a few hours with Daniel and Sadie this time. We didn’t do our usually stay over because Daniel was scheduled to leave for summer camp on Sunday morning.

This is the first time that Daniel will be staying away from home for more than a night except staying with relatives. I can’t believe my baby is growing up. He was so excited about camp. We can’t have any contact with him except through snail mail. I’m so anxious about it because I am an overprotectant grandmother! But I am super proud of him, even though I’m not ready for him to grow up. We will go pick him up next Saturday morning. I am so sure he will have so many things to talk about.

I always wanted to go to summer camp but my mom and dad couldn’t afford to send us so we are so happy he has this chance. These experiences will last a lifetime with him.

Saying Goodbye to Sadie today at Camp

I so enjoy these kids. I am going to plan some more days so I can hang out with them more. I have so much vacation time at work that why would I not do what makes me the happiest?

In 59 more days, we leave on our yearly trip to Santa Cruz. We usually stay about 9 or 10 days but this year we cut it a bit shorter. We will be there 7 nights. We usually are ready to go home before the 9 days are over anyway. We miss our dogs that is becomes almost unbearable. And marathon training is going on.

In a few years, I plan to be living there with my family J

Our View in Santa Cruz from our Suite

~Peace Out~


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