A Decisive Day

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 9/29/2009. I sat in Dr. Wilson’s office in a hospital gown with tears streaming down my fat cheeks. She came in and ask me the normal things a doctor asks. I started crying worse. I was almost 300 lbs, depressed, unhappy and felt bad all the time. After the exam, she found something that alerted her to sending me for a colonoscopy. I cried harder…cancer, I thought. She simply said “Charlotte, if you loose a few lbs, you will feel better”. She should have come down on my fat ass hard! But she said it in such a sweet manner.

I knew when I left her office, that I had to do something. So, when I got home, I researched websites that would help me count calories. It was livestrong.com. I signed up, put in age, height, weight. It told me how many calories I needed to eat to lose +2 lbs per week.

I honestly never realized the calorie value of food. I have counted my calories every day since then. It’s not always a pretty picture…but I do it. It changed my life, literally.

After my first half marathon Apr 07, 2013
After my first half marathon Apr 07, 2013


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