Fat vs Thin

I will add to this list often because I continually discover things that are more fun not being fat:

~ Can cross my legs (my all time favorite)
~ Fit in Airplane seats more comfortably (what a difference!)
~ Fit in any booth in any restaurant
~ Can shop anywhere not just fat woman sections
~ Can stand in line and buy candy without worrying what people think of me
~ I can (almost) keep up with my 6 year old grandson
~ I am more outgoing
~ People look me in the eye (fat women know what I mean about this)
~ I fit comfortably in my small car
~ I love having my picture made (I’m a ham!)
~ My self confidence is through the roof
~ I look small in my big bed (says my husband)
~ I can sit on the floor crossed leg like a kid
~ I LOVE jeans!
~ I can tie my shoes
~ I can exercise (especially run)
~ My resting heart rate is 58
~ My feet are smaller and not puffy (still ugly, though)
~ I feel attractive and notice men looking at me
~ My husband can wrap his arms around me
~ I really enjoy the taste of food, not the amount
~ Not dreading getting dressed because of having to find ways to disguise and cover up muffin tops
~ Wearing all the pretty shirts I’ve bought (after body and arm lift)
~ Sex is better (still not frequent!!) lol

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