Cosmetic Surgery

I was so ashamed of my body even after loosing 127 lbs.

I have a ruptured bicep and rotator cuff impingement that keeps me from doing kettlebells anymore so my body looks awful. I was most ashamed of my arms. The skin hangs loosely all the way to my elbow. I couldn’t even wear short sleeves let alone tank or spaghetti tops.

So after a year or more of being depressed, I made appointments for free consultations for plastic surgery. I went to 2 different doctors in 2 different cities. Based on what services were offered and his reputation for being the best at body sculpting, I chose Dr. Boswell at Body Aesthetics in St. Louis. My main residence is in Columbia, Mo but I have an apartment in St. Louis. So, I have a place to recover and be close to my doctor.

I only went in for brachioplasty consultation but after seeing what they could do, how could I resist the circumferential body lift also. It also saves a few thousand getting them done together. There will be another surgeon with Dr. Boswell…double teaming me! lol

The cost was astounding to me. When they showed it to me, I thought I’d never do it. $19,834.00! That is the cost of surgery and hospital services including a 2 night stay at the hospital. But the more I thought on it and looked at before and after pictures, my husband and I talked and he said he supported whatever I wanted to do. He was also so sweet to tell me that he loved me the way I was and please don’t do it for him. He makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ But I admitted that I wanted it for me. He supported me and put in for vacation during that time to spend with me to help me recover.

Kevin (my husband) said he would agree and support any cosmetic surgery that I wanted except for face surgery. He hates duck lipped women! lol


6 days……

Furiously trying to make sure I have everything I need for my 2 week stay in St. Louis after the surgery. I’ll be ย honest, my biggest fear is dying or something going wrong which I guess is everyone’s fear during surgery. Last night I spoke to Kevin and knowing where to go to find out everything he needs to go if I die! It made him sad and he kept telling me to not talk about it. I’m like that. When I go on trips, I inform the kids where my info is if the plane goes down! Morbid! I always tell the kids where Peyton and Eli are boarded and please find them good homes together. I love my dogs. My dogs make me sane and make me a better person. No one else does that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, more later…….I’m so nervous, I’m shaking this morning…or maybe it’s the strong coffee I’m drinking! ๐Ÿ™‚

"Go Girl" I actually bought one of these for after surgery! I learned about it on a blog from another lady who had my type surgery.
“Go Girl” I actually bought one of these for after surgery! I learned about it on a blog from another lady who had my type surgery. I have always wanted to pee like a guy…and now I can


7 days…

Medications purchased and ready to take to STL apartment:

Vitamin C 2000 mg per day that i’ve been taking that for the last week and continue for 7 days following surgery. I think it’s supposed to help post op bruising.

Percocet (Oxycodene) purchased and ready. I am dreaming that I won’t have to take these after 48 hours due to how hard it is on the liver.

Arixtra injectables: I’ll be injecting myself for 10 days after surgery. This is a ultra blood thinner and helps prevent clots. This one is very important, I’m told.

I purchased an OTC laxative. They said this is a must due to constipation caused by pain meds.



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