Just Random Stuff About Me


I’ll keep this list of things that drive me crazy about myself and others

01. I judge women for being fat more than I do men
02. I dislike smelling people who are smokers.
03. I have had anxiety attacks in regard to leaving my dogs
04. I don’t like whiney or soft people at all
05. I loath people full of self pity
06. I very rarely feel sorry for myself
07. I am strong mentally
08. I’m clutch
09. I’m very worried about my son being obese and a smoker but can’t talk to him about it
10. I often feel used by people around me
11. I have no respect for my boss
12. I love football especially KC Chiefs and Peyton Manning
13. Love, love Cardinals Baseball
14. I literally live in fear of getting fat again
15. I’m controlling (I prefer that I take command)
16. I love St. Louis Blues hockey
17. I’m a flirt (or at least my husband thinks I am)
18. I feel responsible for everyone close to me
19. I fear getting older
20. I have a talent for drawing and painting
21. I’m generous
22. I have zero mechanical ability
23. I’m fascinated with mobsters of the past
24. I love Rembrandt and Edgar Allen Poe

25. I’m not as strong mentally as people think

4 thoughts on “Just Random Stuff About Me

    1. I know! I was a smoker and now I’m the worst bitchy person about that! My son and sisters smoke and I tell them they reek! Of course they tell me to piss off! Lol

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