A Pain in the Piriformis

I haven’t blogged in so long that I almost forgot my address. 🙂

My work life has taken on so many twists and turns that I haven’t had a chance to even check in. I miss doing that. (I did most of my blogging at work…so don’t tell.) 🙂

Blogging along with running has always been my therapy.

And holy cow I could use the therapy! 🙂

My brother is getting worse but still hanging on. He barely wants to communicate with us and I understand and respect his wishes. I think the morphine is helping his pain and I’m thankful for that. I miss his voice and his funny, big laugh. I already miss him. I wish I were closer so I could help his girlfriend and him…I feel so much guilt over that. I live about 8 or 9 hours away.

My sister lives a few hours away from him and she wanted to go and help him but his girlfriend and he nixed that. She called me crying that he didn’t want her to come and help. My other brother tries to call but no answer. They really don’t want company. I’m not in his position so I don’t know what I’d do. I know he loves us. I think he just doesn’t want us to see him like that. I have to respect it.

My boss (Tall Poppy) who I have no respect quit under the tremendous pressure we are under due to product growth and plant issues. I can’t say that I was happy or sad.

With all the outside intrusion we are already receiving at work, it’s about to get worse. I’m good with that and I’ll stay busy with projects.

I’m still enjoying my rich personal life with my devoted and awesome husband, my precious grand-kids and their parents. 🙂


I have a new hair cut and color but going back to my dark color ASAP!


We went to see a Rush concert for the 7th or 8th time! I love them but my husband is like a teenager at their concerts.


My dogs give me peace of mind like no other thing can.

Today is Peyton’s 6th birthday and sadly he is having hip issues. We knew this was coming and he has a Vet appointment this afternoon and on his birthday! Hamburger treats tonight for both of my sweet beasts.

Mad Max – Fury Road is on tap tonight at the movies. I’ve been a Mad Max fan since I was in my early 20s. I watch the others regularly.

I’m eating healthy most of the time and losing a few pounds which makes me very happy.

I’m drinking my own strawberry wine watching the birds in my park-like backyard as I type.


In a little over a week, I begin my training for the Chicago Marathon. Training is hell….the marathon is a piece of cake compared to that! 🙂 It’s a more aggressive training that I had the last time and frankly, I am in worse shape.

I’ve got a butt issue!

A few months ago, I noticed a butt muscle that felt pulled or strained. It didn’t interfere with my running so I didn’t pay that much attention. I even ran a half marathon and PRd it with the butt issue.

I admit that I am not a person who does the proper care and maintenance and especially for a woman of my age who only a few years ago weighed 300 lbs and started running.

I don’t stretch properly. I don’t roll my muscles properly. I don’t get massages. I don’t do yoga. I don’t cross train. I just run and that (I have found) is not a good thing. I’m an idiot…apparently! 🙂

The nagging butt muscle started causing my left leg to hurt….knee first and then left foot. For the first time in 20+ years, I’m seeing a chiropractor. I chose one who runs and is a triathlete. I even told him when I first saw him…”If you tell me to stop running, I’ll find another” 🙂 He said he would never tell anyone to give up on running and he would help me get pain free and run that Chicago Marathon like a boss!


So….i’ve seen him 3 or 4 times.

The pain would get better….I’d run and feel good….and then it would return with a vengeance. I don’t take medicine but the pain has been so bad that a few times I took some pain meds that I still have left over from my plastic surgery from Dec 2013.

I have a common ailment and especially with distance runners: piriformis syndrome. The sciatic nerve runs behind the muscle and in some cases in between the muscles of your butt. The piriformis runs diagonal across your butt cheeks.

Piriformis Syndrome:

Piriformis Syndrome is a condition where the Piriformis muscle that attaches your hip to your pelvis becomes tight and inflamed, and traps your Sciatic nerve, which in turn inflames the nerve. The result is that your hip, glutes and your butt are very tight, you have pain in your lower back and butt, and you can have pins-and-needles and numbness down the outside of your leg, knee and even down into your foot (that path of the Sciatic nerve). Pirifromis Syndrome can be the result of over-training, either too much running, or too much quality running (speed). And as we know, speed kills.


So if that muscle is not properly stretched or taken care of, it gets rigid and inflexible. It presses against the sciatic nerve. That causes pain down your leg and affects your foot.

The sitting that I am have been doing more of at work is making it worse.

Hello! Wake up call to me.

I’m on Facebook asking runner friends from around the world how to fix that. I’m only getting minor relief from the chiropractor. But the stretches he is teaching me is going well. The one piece of advice that has given me seemingly remarkable (fingers crossed) results is the foam roller which I have dozens of but didn’t use!

I not only roll that butt muscle but also calves, hammies, quads etc every night a couple of times. (the entire leg affects the piriformis and vice versa)

The last couple days…..I am feeling cautiously optimistic!

In addition, I used my small add-a-day massager and sit on it at work and while I’m driving. I can feel a difference!


If any of the blogging runners who still follow my blog after I’ve been gone so long….plus give me your remedies for the Piriformis Syndrome.

Peyton got a clean bill of health on his check up except for a strained ligament. And he has to go on a 900 calorie diet to lose about 6 lbs. 😦

I’m truly looking forward to structured training again. I’m happier doing that. I’m an idiot! 🙂

I will hopefully be blogging more coming up because I do like to chronical my training. It means so much to me to read other’s training also.

In addition, I miss all my WP friends that I have made. I will be catching up on your blogs soon!

“Remember Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

God Bless our Men and Women that sacrificed everything and those who are willing to put their lives in harm’s way.  They should have our utmost respect and gratitude.



My Year of Running 2014

Year End Running 2014
I ran 833.7 miles in 2014

I made a few goals (resolutions) for 2015:

  1. Run at least 1 mile each day in 2015.
  2. Run and PR in the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in April 2015.
  3. Train and complete my 2nd Marathon toward the end of the year and PR.
  4. Eat healthy at every given chance
  5. Drink less alcohol and eat less junk food
  6. Make and use lists or “Stickies”! (tip from my grandson, Daniel)
  7. Live and Love in the moment and not worry about the future as I obsessively do most of the time.

This morning, it was 24 degrees and I ran 1 mile in shorts and sleeveless shirt in Zone 4 threshold.

I then joined my husband in the basement and while he did his spinning, I ran a 32 minute interval (Z4 – 3 min, Z2 1.5 min) interval run.

We were both dripping sweat and loving it!

I am training for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in April and I want to do a different type of training which uses the heart monitor to keep and zone levels. Instead of worrying about miles etc….you run so many minutes in higher/lower heart rate zones. So far, I like it. Its challenging and it makes the treadmill better when I can’t run outside.

My scheduled formal runs so far for 2015:

February 7Run for Your Beads 5k in Soulard St. Louis

March 14St. Patrick’s Day 5 Mile run in Downtown St. Louis

April 12Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in St. Louis

So, I’m in training for the HM and happy about that. It is a bit depressing going from marathon training to no training.

I stole this survey from two blogs that I read:

The Dancing Runner” and “Running to Ramble” and  and I want to do my year end 2014 Running Summary.

1. Best race experience?  This is usually hard for me to pick because I have so many favorites: Run for your Beads 5k, St. Patrick’s Day 5 Miler, Race for a Cure…etc but this year, hands down favorite race experience was completing my first full marathon in Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis this past October 19. Not much compares to crossing that finish line with my family watching.


2. Best run? Was my Half Marathon in the Go! St. Louis. I ran the entire thing with no walk break shortly after I was released by my doctor to run after extensive surgery. That’s when I knew that I could possibly do a full marathon.


3. Favorite Run? (I added this one) Run for Your Beads 5k – Mardi Gras in St. Louis Feb 2014 because my 7 year old grandson Daniel ran it with me. It was a struggle to keep him focused and running but the last half…he was a star encouraging everyone. At the end of the race, many of the runners wanted their picture made with him. He also received a lot of beads for his encouragement and he felt like someone very special…which of course he is. I was smiling from ear to ear.

4 56

4. Best new piece of gearDefinitely my Purple Garmin Forerunner 220


5. Best piece of running advice you’ve received? “Run the Mile You Are In.”  I can’t tell you how many times I remembered and followed this advice while I was training for 26.2 miles.


6. Most inspirational runner? Besides me HA! Meb Keflezighi of course. His win in the Boston Marathon was so inspirational for me. I cried when he crossed the finish line. I am a fairly new runner so I don’t know many sports figures in running. I’ll have a different answer…maybe next year.


7. If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?

diarrhea (runner’s know what I mean) HA!

                                                             ♥♥♥Happy Running 2015♥♥♥

Marathon Training Didn’t Prepare Me For……

I am still a bit overwhelmed by the whole training and marathon journey. Even still my stomach has a bit of the jitters just thinking about it. I am barely sore. I healed amazingly. I can barely tell I ran 26.2 miles.

While I am a little disappointed in my time, at one point, I just knew the knee injury would end my journey at mile 20 or so….so, after that it was “just finish” in whatever shape that I could! 🙂 I was well on track to finish under my goal time until mile 20ish. Then survival instinct kicked in. I had to finish.

My training taught me so much. I tried to imagine every scenario that I could so I could deal with it once it happened.

The thing that it did not prepare for was the mental aspect of splitting off from the half marathon people.

Up until the split, I ran with happy, colorful and energetic people. I felt motivated and encouraged. I was with my husband and that gave me comfort. At mile 10, the event people directed me down one chute and Kevin in another. I cried and waved to him. Then I noticed that all those fun, lively people went in Kevin’s direction. I didn’t see anyone close in front of me or behind me.

As I turned to look towards the route….it looked so lonely and hard…and it was a long incline. It hit me hard that I was in a different place in my run than I’ve ever been in.

Of course I saw people ahead and knew people were behind but we were not packs like before the split. The rest of the 16 miles was almost totally in my head. It was hard for me to grasp the loneliness. I had not trained at all for that. I wanted to go with Kevin at that split. I wanted to go home. I wanted a beer! 🙂

I met a few characters along the way.

One character “Bob” talked never stopping for a breath. It was nice for a while but I needed him to shut up! 🙂 He and I encountered each other a few more times. He talked a lot each time. He was a social runner. He was also dressed in so many clothes that he looked like a clown. He told me his wife had died a few years back so he just runs half marathons and marathons. We talked of pit bulls, no fly lists, ebola…etc. I was entertained and inspired. I thought he was considerably older than me but I later saw his age and he was just a couple of years older than me.

I saw other inspiring people. One lady was 80 plus years old. She was the last runner to finish. I met her on my loop back towards the finish line and she was just headed south on that long stretch. A medic vehicle was following her. I didn’t see her finish, but I saw later that she did finish!

One man pulled his calf muscle and limped so bad that I knew each step was hurting him…but he kept slugging along. I passed him about a mile from the finish line. I don’t know if he finished but I bet he did.

One lady who stayed ahead of me for all of the race until mile 25….had stopped her run and was walking. When I caught up with her, we chatted. It was her first marathon. She was a nurse. She told me she was glad she took vacation for the next day. I was hoping that she and I could finish together but she said she could not run anymore due to a very painful hip. So we told each good luck and I ran on. I noticed that she finished. 🙂

I saw a young man running with an older man. Maybe it was his father or grandfather.  It was obvious that the young man was an athlete and could have been elite. He stuck by the older man’s side and kept him going with encouragement.

Of course the cheering crowds thinned out by the time I finished. I thanked police officers who helped, I thanked the event people who yelled and cheered me and others that we could do this! I made an effort to smile most of the time that I ran upon cameras! 🙂

I learned that if kids line up to give you “high fives” give them “high fives”. I ran under a couple of human bridges made by little girl cheerleaders.

There were 2 firemen running in full gear for a fallen comrade.

There was a lady about my age running with a full military backpack for her son who was killed in Afghanistan.

One couple (man and woman) were running each with 1 drumstick. I ask. They were running for their son who died the previous year from cancer. He loved running and playing the drums.

There were several churches with people out in front cheering on the people and blessing us. I embraced it and thanked them. I even got a hug from a nun. I needed all the blessings that I could get. 🙂

During that long, lonely journey on the back half, I thought of my brother, Jimmy who is in critical health awaiting a liver transplant. I thought of my baby sister, Barbara who looks to me like a hero and I still am humbled by that. I thought of my son and daughter in law who are raising the 2 most important things in my life and the wonderful job that they have done.

I thought of pretty little Sadie and her sweet and bossy personality.

I thought of Daniel who I adore. He has run 5ks with me. He did the squat challenge with me. (he’s up to 1771 squats he informed me) He encourages me no matter what I do. I especially thought of him when Katy Perry “Firework” came on my playlist and the dance he did to that dressed up in the Link (of Zelda) one Halloween a few years ago at a party. I also thought of a time I showed him a picture of me holding him as a baby when I weighed 300 lbs. I said “I’m not a very pretty Momeye (what he calls me) am I? He said, “Momeye, you have always been beautiful.” 🙂

I thought of my mom and dad who have been gone from the earth many years and wondered if they would be proud or get a kick out of me foolishly running 26.2 miles with no one chasing me! 🙂

I thought of Peyton and Eli. I wondered if they thought we were not coming back to the apartment that day to feed and pee them! I also sadly thought of the day that I might lose them.

Most of all, I remembered why I loved Kevin and regretted not showing it the way that I should. He has been my rock of support. Anyone would be proud to have that. I am a lucky woman.

When I came into the home stretch like a strong runner and not beaten down by the previous 26.2 miles and saw my loved ones smiling at the finish line, the emotions hit hard.

I felt like a champion.

“The marathon’s about being in contention over the last 10K. That’s when it’s about what you have in your core. You have run all the strength, all the superficial fitness out of yourself, and it really comes down to what’s left inside you. To be able to draw deep and pull something out of yourself is one of the most tremendous things about the marathon.” ~Rob de Castella

I am a Marathoner

Less than 1% of the people in the world can say that they have completed a marathon.

I did get a fairly good night’s rest last night. I normally don’t sleep at all before a big run. I even woke up before the alarm went off.

I ate my oatmeal, bagel and coffee. I had everything laid out and showered the night before.

We drove downtown St. Louis very early and it was still very dark. They were already barricading the streets when we were trying to find parking.

I met up with some FB runner friends. We socialized and made pictures. It’s good to finally meet them after sharing running stories on FB for so long. 🙂

The weather was cool…just like I like it. I felt good and energetic. There were so many people there for the half, full and relay. I think something like 30,000 people were registered. The sun was coming in between the Gateway Arch which was incredibly beautiful.

We ran by Busch Stadium and I always get excited and chill bumps when I go by the home of my Cardinals. The first 10 miles went quickly and with no issues. The neighborhoods are beautiful and the  leaves were golden and crimson. People were out in their neighborhoods cheering with their children holding signs and giving high fives.

At mile 9, I passed the kids house and Daniel and his family gave me and Popeye (Kevin) hugs and water. Sadie started crying wanting me to take her. I love those kids!

Kevin and I ran together until about mile 10 and our route split. He ran the half. After they split us off, I actually cried because there were fewer people where I was going and that road looked long and hard. It is better running with a lot of people. So the rest of the route was fairly lonely except for a few friends I made along the way.

I felt so good physically that I had to consciously slow my pace down because this was my first marathon and I just wanted to finish. I was afraid of going to fast and burning out. I took plenty of fuel (GU). I hydrated well on the run.

At mile 19 or so….my left knee felt like it was giving out. The pain got worse and I was basically shuffling my way through it. I have had minor knee pain but nothing like this. My knee felt like it was going to buckle. At that point, I felt strongly that I would not be able to finish. I ran through that pain and after about 3 miles of the pain either it quit or I just got immune to the pain.

It is true, no training prepares you for mile 20 on. I gained some energy in the last mile and finished strong like a runner!

Kevin, James, Allison, Daniel and Sadie all greeted me at the end. My son and Daniel were the first to get to me. I broke down crying in my sons arms. He told me he was proud of me. That might be the first time he has told me that. That made me pretty happy. Of course Daniel was proud for me and reminded me how he helped me by doing the squat challenge with me! 🙂

I did the big ugly cry when Kevin go to me. He had tears in his eyes. He has been my rock through all this training and bore the brunt of all my frustrations, complaining and crying.

I did it!!! I still can’t believe it. It’s over and I made it.

I hobbled to an early dinner with the kids. I had said before the marathon that if I finished, I wanted “Pi Pizza” for my recovery meal. That’s where we went. It’s so awesome, it shouldn’t be called a pizza. Kevin and I came back to the apartment. I showered, rolled out my legs and now I’m relaxing watching football.

We stayed in St. Louis tonight and heading back to Columbia tomorrow.

It was a good day. I’m exhausted and euphoric.

It was beautiful. It was hard. I thought a few times that I would not make it. I shed a few tears along the way. I was even crying when I ran over the finish line and the photograher must have caught it.

I am a marathoner.

“If you feel bad at 10 miles, you’re in trouble. If you feel bad at 20 miles, you’re normal. If you don’t feel bad at 26 miles, you’re abnormal.” – Rob de Castella

A Snake vs. a Runner

My nerves are on edge. I can’t sleep. I am even having trouble eating. My stomach is upset.

There is a live snake loose in my basement!


This last week before the marathon, I am supposed to: have small and enjoyable runs, eat well, sleep lots, hydrate, rest up, relax like a queen this week…but Kevin found a snake in our basement.

Our basement is finished and a part of our living quarters. My big bathroom is in the basement. My weights, kettlebells, bosu ball, jump rope, boxing bag and treadmill are in my basement.

We are stunned and not sure how he got in. It’s been raining constantly for 6 days now so maybe he came through a drain trying to warm up….but however that fucker got in there…he’s there.

And to make matters worse, Kevin had him captured and he got away. According to Kevin, he was in a hurry to get to work and he didn’t want to kill it so he put a plastic container over him and put a kettlebell of top of the container to contain him.

Now, I was raised on a farm and I’ve been around snakes. You cannot contain a snake for long. They are much like mice and can get in and out of the smallest of areas. Anyway, when Kevin went home for lunch yesterday, the snake was gone! I will never understand him leaving our house with a live snake in a container….but I’m not Kevin. Remember once I told you how different he and I are? Yeah…well.

If there’s anything worse than finding a snake in your home, it might be “not” finding a snake in your home that you know is still in your home!

Last night, I needed to run 3 miles and because of the rain, I was going to run on the treadmill. But…..a snake is in the basement where my treadmill is. I waited until Kevin got home and he went looking for the snake while I ran on the treadmill and took a shower.

I’m not terribly afraid of snakes. I run across them often while I run. Still, we are not sure if he is venomous. Most people we showed the picture to say he is not.

I’m hanging on to that thought!

We went through parts of the basement and looked for him by shaking, kicking and screaming obscenities at him or her. God forbid she is a pregnant female.

We sprinkled cornstarch all around the perimeter of the main basement and my bathroom. That way we could tell if he came back into that area. We set glue traps in the storage unit where my washer, dryers, boxing bag and a refrigerator along with boxes of junk. We believe that he/she is in there. I know glue traps are cruel but we need to catch this snake or I’m moving out!

I couldn’t even sleep last night worrying about him coming upstairs to our main floor….where we eat, sleep and play! Peyton and Eli aren’t much help because they are afraid of everything except humans. 🙂

Anyway….we will monitor the cornstarch for movement and hope the snake crawls across the glue trap. Maybe we can then help set him free outside……or cut him in half with a garden hoe….like we did on the farm! Ok, we don’t want to do that. My mother is watching down on me from above and would not like that. 🙂

My nerves are growing for the upcoming marathon. I just want this over. When it’s over and I have completed, I feel confident that I will miss all of what I have been through getting there…..and it may start over again. 🙂

4 miles, tonight….2 miles tomorrow night…..26.2 on Sunday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

“The person who starts the marathon is not the same person who finishes” ~unknown 

“The marathon. How an average runner becomes more than average.” ~-New Balance


20 Plus a Pizza

I did everything on my rest day on Friday to make sure I was as prepared as possible for the Saturday 20 miler. I ate right, stayed hydrated and most importantly, didn’t eat late in the night.

I slept well but I really didn’t want to get up and tackle that 20 miles. I know I say this way too much I never thought I’d be able to finish the 20. I had a bowl of oatmeal and some coffee at about 1.5 hours before I set out.

Drum roll…….I did it!!!


I felt pretty good up until about mile 16 or 17. Although my new Asics felt great, I got a cramp in my left foot at mile 16 that hung around for most of the rest of the run. It was the kind of cramp where the toes try to curl and cramp. The last time that happened, I thought it was because I wasn’t hydrated enough but I know I was today. I’ll have to do some more researching on that. I had to sit down once to take my shoe off and massage that foot.

It did calm it down a bit and I continued. I felt very good through mile 10 and as always….in my mind, I thought I’d even go for about 22 miles. I am sure runners do that often in the early part of their run. 🙂

It was a beautiful day in Columbia and my run intersected with Roots ‘n Blues Half-Marathoners. That always inspires me to see other runners of all fitness levels, ages etc.

Again, after I finished, I broke down in the ugly cry. I don’t why I do that. Maybe all the emotions just rush to my head at the end of a long run. I did that on the 18 mile run.

I showered, put on comfy clothes and laid in the bed with my puppies. I can’t tell you how much that heals me with Peyton and Eli laying with their head on me. Kevin waited on me hand and foot and I can’t deny I like that as well! HA!

I was craving Pizza Hut Meatlovers Pan Pizza and he went and got me one. I started thinking about that pizza at mile 15 and thought about it often as my reward. I haven’t had a Pizza Hut Pizza in 5 years or so. It hit the spot!! Oh, and a cold beer.

If You Run 20 miles, You Can Eat This!

Surprising, I feel well and not very sore at all. I did some laundry and walked around the backyard picking up sticks and dog poop. Right now, I feel awesome and no aches or pains. I actually think that is remarkable that I barely feel soreness. Now tomorrow will be another story with the delayed onset soreness.

I’m watching football and reading blogs for the rest of the night. I think I will sleep well tonight.

I’m glad the 20 miler is over. I can’t tell you  how much that has been in my head lately. I officially start the first week of taper. My mileage starts to go down considerably.

I will have to be careful because I hear that’s when you can gain some weight.

I will do my best to eat healthy, enough and not too much. 🙂

Do you ever have a song that comes on while running that gives you a boost?

“If I can see it, then I can do it, If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it” ~ R Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly” 

Blood, Sweat, Tears and 16 Miles

There was blood, sweat…and yes, tears. There was profanity, anger and humiliation. Did I mention tears? It wasn’t at all pretty but it was 16 miles people!!!!

I woke up Saturday morning with a type of dread or fear that I haven’t experienced yet in my training or running experience.

There was no excitement or love of running in my head like other runs. Even when I gripe and feel nervous or doubtful, I’m usually get a bit giddy about the challenge and can question whether I can do it…until yesterday.

My hip was still hurting a bit with each step. It wasn’t terrible but I knew it would get worse during that run. This was the first run that I have ever had that I felt I would not complete.

While Kevin was loading up his bike for our trip on MKT, I was crying. He hugged me and told me to do what I felt like and if it didn’t work out, we’d try it again on Sunday.

I cried and asked aloud “why am I doing this to myself? I don’t enjoy running any more? I’m too old to do this, why can’t I just be happy that I run and am healthy?”

He hugged me and said “because you will regret quitting after 12 weeks of training. Can you live with that?”

something to remember each run

No….I knew I couldn’t.

Time to stop crying and get at it.

When I started my Garmin, I was in a different frame of mind. I was still scared and dreaded it but I was ready to begin.

My hip hurt some with every step until about mile 6 and it seemed to stop. Of course pain started in other areas!

During my first 8 miles, I was enjoying it pretty much except for the slight hip pain but my energy and mindset was good. I even wondered if I could run more than 16 that day. I think runners to that a lot in the early parts of a long run. 🙂

But then the feet problems came. The toe box in these shoes do not suit my bad feet. My right foot has a couple of hammer toes that slightly arch up. I need shoes that keep them still and straight. Bigger toe box shoes do not do that and the toes arch up higher and the tips of the toes strike the ground. That’s very painful after a few miles. I put on my gel toe cap and with the sweating, they came off and were loose in the shoes. That hurt also.

I bought new running socks on Friday which are thicker and help with blisters but it could not fix the toe issue.

I’ve spent over $50 in the last couple of weeks on 3 pair of socks.

I am doubting my choice of shoes because I had to stop and sit on the trail about 3 times during that 16 mile run to fix my toes/socks…etc. (remember that toe injury a few weeks ago on a 10 mile run?)

My next long run with be in different shoes. Those beautiful $160 Brooks Glycerin 12s are going on Ebay. It will be back to Asics Nimbus….my true love.

I think everyone should train for a marathon…maybe not run one but train for one! 🙂

It has pushed me to the  limits and taught me a lot of myself. Some of the things that I have learned about myself are not good.

 One that I’m not proud of is that I can be mean:

– I was mad at Kevin for reasons that made no sense. Well, he did let me run out of water at mile 8 and no fountains in sight for 4 miles! I yelled at him when he was trying to take a picture of me.

– I call people names (in my  head or under my breath) along the trail (people strolling, pushing babies in strollers, people with dogs on LONG leashes, people who don’t yield to runners, people who take up the entire trail, people who don’t clean up poop after their dog dumps)

– I bumped someone on purpose because they wouldn’t move over. They were walking in the middle of the trail.

– I called myself the ugliest names I could think of. If someone else called me those type names, I’d be crushed.

Is this common? I wasn’t happy with myself. I gave Kevin big, sincere apologies after I finished and he said he expected it! I’m not sure why he expected it but he shouldn’t.

I didn’t have that much euphoria after I finished those 16 miles like I thought I would. The only thing I could think of was how in the hell can I get 10 more miles. And how can I????

I ate 4 packets of GU for fuel during the run. My new favorite might be Espresso Love. It has a boost of caffeine and tastes like espresso.

After I got home, I hobbled downstairs and took a cool shower and put on comfy clothes.

Most long distance runners know that after a long run, one of the worst things to do is lay down and that it’s important to keep moving but what you most want to do it lay down. You should stay as busy as possible to help with the delayed onset soreness. So I walked around, put some laundry in and soon crawled in the bed and watch Mizzou Tigers football.

I had a dehyrdation headache which took a while to get rid of. My legs hurt so it was hard to get comfortable but soon I did and that felt great.

Finally, a slight euphoria set in. I started researching things to do to help my feet/toes and push forward for that 10 more miles. I spend the rest of the night commiserating with other runners on blogs and facebook that was and had experienced all the things that I did.

That made me feel better and I soon came to terms that somehow, someway….I will put a 26.2 sticker on my car at the end of the day on Oct 19.

After long runs, I find out that I am not hungry right away and yesterday I was quite a bit nauseous. But later….I did exactly the wrong thing and ate at a Chinese Buffet. I know better but that is our old fall back place to eat when we are starving. And, it’s at the end of the street.

I ate too much but still well within my calorie allowances because I burned about 2200 calories on that 16 mile run.

I was in bed by 8:30pm but reading running blogs…of course but probably fell asleep at 10:30pm or so. I slept well and slept in until 7am which made me really happy.

My puppies woke us up with sloppy kisses and the day began right. I was fairly sore on my right hip and it is a bit worse than the day of the run. I think I’ll recover over the next couple of days.

Eli, the baby
Eli, the baby

I walked the dogs with Kevin and that was not easy. I knew I had to walk to get the soreness out.

I’m just glad that I have a couple more days off work.

~It’s Mental…right?~

Runner Hatin’

Me! :-)
Me! 🙂

I’ve done nothing today but read about marathons and plan my training schedule! Please don’t tell Mr. Tall Poppy.

Yes…I’m obsessed. This happened with my first half marathon on April 7, 2013. Before then, I didn’t really think I was a runner. I didn’t even think I was a runner after I finished the half. I was hurting and euphoric at the same time at the finish line, but I still didn’t feel like a runner..exactly. I knew I was a runner the next day when I couldn’t stop thinking about it and couldn’t wait to run again. I ran a couple of days after that 13.1 It dawned on me then that I was a runner.

Well, multiply that feeling times 100 now because I have not been able to stop thinking about it since Sunday.

I rested Monday and Tuesday I felt like doing my kettlebell workout. I’m pretty sure I will run tonight, only if a mile or so.

I have my marathon training scheduled planned out which starts in earnest on June 17th. I think I have decided on Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training. It will be tough but I have to do it. I’ve read others so I’m not completely set on it but I have calendars all marked up in my office at work! 🙂

You know what sucks, I can’t talk about running out here because people look at me like I have a third eye. Tuesday Mr. Tall Poppy made a funny runner’s joke (at my expense) in one of our meetings. I hate that shit and I’m smart-assed enough to come back with something but I have to be careful or I’ll be labeled as an emotional female.

I was talking about the race to someone when he came into the room and quipped “I don’t know why anyone would run unless someone is chasing them” and the crowd roared with laughter. Oldest, sad-assed lame runner joke around, really. All I said was “you can surely do better than that”.

So today, just to piss him off, I wore my sweeeeet Nike Tech shirt that says 13.1 Go! St. Louis Half Marathon. He’s careful not to comment on my attire because he knows that will piss me off in a way that will cause great embarrassment….to him.

I’ve also noticed that many people in cars are not very nice to runners. I’ve noticed that often. I used to think people made faces or sped up to cause me to have to stop at intersections because I was a fat girl runner (paranoia) but now that I look awesome :-), I still see it and mainly from women. That really makes me sad more than upset. I try to be a courteous runner and watch traffic and stop if I am in doubt that a car will stop. I don’t understand that. When I was big, I never felt that way to runners. I always envied them and a bit jealous but not hateful. Not to mention snide comments I see sometimes on facebook about people posting about exercise especially running.

Anyway, I currently wear a heart monitor when I run that only calculates heart rate and calories burned but I’m looking to invest in a more expensive Garmin. I’m doing some reading and comparing.

I want one of these: Forerunner 220 and 620 (I think)
I want one of these: Forerunner 220 and 620 (I think)

I spend a fortune on races, shoes, under armour and runner gadgets. This is not a passing fancy for me. I’ve been running now since May of 2010.

160 squats tonight. I think I’m getting a booty. My under armour running pants didn’t start falling down off my ass during the race Sunday! HA!

~Run it Off~