Bread is My Medium

I am not really working in the industry that I always dreamed of. I was never meant to be a manager in manufacturing. I was an artist growing up! Its what I did and what I started to college for. But life things changed that because I realized I couldn’t make a living in anything art in Tennessee plus I was married with a kid. So I changed my major to manufacturing management and business related subjects so that I could make a living once I got out of college. I was already working as an assembler in a factory making rotors and motors for air conditioners big and small. I went to college full time during the day and worked my full time job in the factory at night. It was difficult to do that. But, it was honestly the most fun that I ever had on a job but the work was hard. Great memories made there. I’m so fucking glad there wasn’t Facebook or Snapchat back in those days!

If you have read some of my other posts, you know that I am going through a divorce. I was not the cook in the marriage. So needless to say, I am having to learn how to cook. At first, I bought everything premade in grocery stores or ordered from my favorite Santa Cruz restaurants and had it delivered through Door Dash.

And, as most of you know, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks that got worse as the year 2020 went on and even now. So I didn’t want to go to grocery stores anymore wearing a mask which caused me the most anxiety. I’d often go in the store and have a panic attack or anxiety would hit and I’d leave that grocery cart full wherever it was and left the store quickly to remove the mask. And since I detest people who do that, I researched some food delivery sites and chose It appealed to me because wasting food has always been something that upsets me. Average households throw 40% of their food away per week. It’s messed up that people go hungry when we throw away so much food. So, I now enjoy shopping on line (with no mask) and I order exactly what I need or want. My goal is to get only what I need and use everything I get. I’m one person to cook for so ordering for 1 or 2 people suits me very well.

Charlotte’s Awesome Job of Saving the Planet

By doing this method of food order, I learned to plan, shop carefully and cook. I don’t impulse buy like I did every time I went to a grocery store just because something looked good. In addition, I save a lot of money and I don’t waste food. I only eat my own food so I eat pretty healthy. I’ve lost 14 lbs since I started this venture in February 2021. And, I don’t count calories or use any diet except to eat delicious things that are more healthy. I do still do intermittent fasting 3 or 4 days a week where I stop eating after 2 pm and eat breakfast the next morning. I have to have breakfast even if it’s a piece of toast with my coffee. I have, for the most part, been unable to do any exercise except hike and walk. I miss running so much. I still dream of running. But I’ve come to realize that will never happen for me so I have to find other things. I’ve had some sciatica issues and my walking buddies can only walk short distances now. My dogs and I are aging together!

In my food journey, I am discovering so many things. I’m interested in fermentation. I make my own yogurt. I am about to venture in kombucha and other fermented things. Youtubing “how to” videos is awesome. (thanks introducing me to youtube, Miss Sadie Bug). But then I discovered Sourdough Bread making.

I have a great “Chef’s Style” kitchen and an stocked pantry with so many staples, that I can make any food from any country. Next blog post, I’ll share what my stocked pantry looks like. My granddaughter is trying to convince me to have a youtube channel. I’m giving it some thought.

After discovering the art of sourdough bread, the artist in me came alive especially while I’m making sourdough bread. Its a constant of trying to perfect it. I seek to make it sexy, good and make it look like art. But, I’m finding out the manager in me is coming out also. I try to make it quicker and better. Sometimes the artist and manager collide for a bad result. But, I plan it and execute it! I do it again and again. I want it better and better. I am an artist manager!

My first attempts at Sourdough Bread

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