Leader of the Pack

It’s time for me to admit that I am jealous of my husband.

But it’s not the way you may think.

Peyton and Eli adore Kevin. I know we originally got them both because of his love for dogs but I love them too, dammit! I know they love me and love being with us both, but…


I try to fool myself that they just want to be with him because he sits on their favorite couch. I sit on the love seat so there’s less room for them to sprawl out.

Last night, Eli did something that made my heart sink a little.

He was laying on the couch at the end that touches my love seat. He was looking around a bit restless and whining. I knew he was wanting attention so I reached over and rub his nose but he kept whining for a while. I motioned for him to come get on the loveseat with me and I was going to give him full on attention. He wouldn’t. Kevin patted his lap and Eli quickly went over there and laid his head on Kevin’s lap and fell asleep. 😦

Eli and Me (when he was 8 weeks old)

Eli and Me (when he was 8 weeks old)

Peyton is often the same way but at the end of the night, Peyton will come and herd me to my bedroom so he can get up there and watch TV with me….but still, I know he loves Kevin more.

Peyton hated him from day one

Peyton hated him from day one

I have read and I know that dogs usually form a bond with one they perceive as their pack leader (Dog Whisperer Crap).

The only way I become more important is when I have animal cookies in my hand and after they are gone, they are sitting at Kevin’s feet staring lovingly at him.

When I get home from work, they jump on and love me to the point of injury. I feel loved everyday when I walk in that door.

But as soon as Kevin comes home, they forget they know me!

I love those dogs with all my heart. I protect them as though there were newborn babies. I make sure they have food, water, love, health care, medicine, walks, treats, toys….any damn thing they desire!   If they could drive, I’d buy them a car! I don’t scold them or punish them.

Mr. P

Mr. P

I like it when Kevin’s not around because those pups treat me like the queen I am! HA!

It is funny though, when they get in trouble….I am the one they run to for protection. If Eli makes his daddy mad, he’ll run and jump on my love seat and hide behind me.

What am I to them?

I have not figured out my place in their pack.

Mr. E

Mr. E




9 thoughts on “Leader of the Pack

  1. Hahahah, I love this – you have just verbalized my husband’s discord with our own pups, he tells me they can’t be bothered to get up and great him when he comes home, but as soon he lets them out of the kitchen, they wait by the window until I come home.

  2. First of all, those guys are sooo handsome! I have to wait for my husband to be gone too to be the Queen. I used to be jealous of my husband too until I realized how little control he has over our dog (used to be 2 dogs, but now only 1). My Kitt want’s to be the pack leader, but I always let him know that I’m the boss. He really needs that to maintain order around here. But he loves his daddy! Did I mention how adorable your dogs are??

    • Thank you. Cynthia! I’ve always been the dominant personality in our house so maybe my dogs resent that! I know they love me but in all honesty, they love anyone who gives them attention and snacks! 🙂

  3. What an adorable pack you have too! My mom’s old lab used to come to me for protection too. 🙂 Now we just have cats and there is no kind of pack mentality with them at all.

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