Flat Bottom Girls

Walking gets my heart rate up as high as running right now. I am officially as fit as I was when I weighed 288 lbs. Shit!! On the other hand, I can burn several calories just walking the dogs.

Sweats continue but seem to taper off after about 3 or so. That does allow me some time to sleep comfortably.

I need to do housework today but after that walk, I’m damn beat!

I’m as hungry as a horse all day…

My resting heart rate is much higher than it was. It was about 55-58 but now it’s 70-75. I’m not happy about that and I don’t know if that is expected after this surgery. I have a doctor appointment next Friday. I’ll ask him some questions in regard to heartrate.

>Oatmeal (breakfast)
>Hamburger on English muffin with avocado (lunch)
>Baked Potato (lunch)
>Pickles (lunch)
>Burrito (dinner)
>Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (snack)
>Organic Raisin Bran & Skim Milk (snack)

Flat Bottom Girl



Ready to Run


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